One transfer is not enough, please ETA on bought transfer coin

My situation is this: I was playing in one well populated server were pvp was fun, there was some sort of bilance between all the factions, outpost rush were starting from 11 AM all the way to late night sometimes even morning. But I was there with 3 friends out of 6, so we all decided to move somewhere else in order to play togheter, now server were we are now is bolloks, not enough players, pop went down a good 200-400 ppl within couple of days, all day long in queue for outpost I was able to do it twice in two days.
Plus some friends are still stuck on the old servers because faction swapping restrictions and all that.

Since market was disabled I did not have reasons to play at all, since cant do pvp, cant do outpost coz server is what it is, cant farm since all deposits are full or over and there was not market, my friends are kind of still splitted around the servers some of them are already getting fed up.

Now my situation is a bit complicated I know, I was playing somewhere cool, wanted to play with friends tho, now that we are reuniting im afraid that by the time everyone comes i’ll be fed up of the game too, or worst moved to some other game already for the reasons I wrote before. Bare in mind im not even complaining about all the well known exploits, bugs or whatever, im talking about my personal point of view.
The easy solution to my problems would be the safe chance to transfer once more, or twice more or as many times as one requires in order to find the server fit for one player needs.
Transfers are there working for the most of the players so why are you not releasing the thing for good?

A quick suggestion to AGS it’s known to everyone that you are losing players at the speed of light and going as it is no one can predict when and if this is gonna stop, so if you have ways to retain players, use it! Before it’s too late.

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