Only able to claim 1 twitch pvp box even though i did both!

I did everything right, but got nothing

the equipment does not match the armor of the intended drop, I already opened the box and they also did not come in the intended GS

I didn’t get any of the 2 drops aswell. I’m contacting Twitch right now.

i got nothing

I didn’t any skin from the crate either. I was supposed to have 2 crates as well. Please include everyone in the fix.

Thank you.

It’s in the store. Click claim item

I have one in the store but when I click claim nothing happens.
When I click preview this box shows up:

(Yea, I tried file check and relog)

I only got 1 as well… this patch, promo, off to a bad start, deja voodoo.

When i click on Claim nothing happens too.

I only have one cache of the two. Watching for the third one right now. I’m not claiming/opening anything in-game until I know everything has been fixed.

Edit: just checked and all three caches were available to claim. I’ll open them AFTER the restart. Here’s to hoping they aren’t trash.


+1 for missing a box

i opened one (the one i had, still missing one) and didnt get anything

Oh its alright. I got my third one rewarded and wasn’t there. Only AGS can mess this up with a twitch drop. slow clap

only 1 too (
wait repair for 2 and soon i take 3(mb)
i recive spear 597 gs staff 590 and greaves 593 I wonder if that’s how it was intended? in my opinion, this is garbage - now I don’t care if I will be given 2 and 3 boxes with such garbage
those who didn’t get anything don’t worry you don’t need this garbage you already have better equip

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[Notice] Twitch Drops not Appearing and Daily Limit on Arenas Official announcement!

Just collected the third chest from a streamer and when I opened the Item Claim, all boxes were present.

I am the same I can only claim one and not the second one.

Good luck, i haven’t got any of the drops and just got the stand we’ll working on it and had to prove with screen shots that i did complete them both. First one was 2 weeks ago and yet the issue still hasn’t been fixed and at this point figure it’s a waste of time to keep going back and forth with them.

Fixed for me as well. Got all 3

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