Only able to claim 1 twitch pvp box even though i did both!

as my title states, i did both twitch drops for the pvp reward crate and i could only claim 1.

We’re aware! The team is looking into it :slight_smile:


thank you.

I didn’t get any at all

If you claimed the drops while the event was going on Twitch, you should get at least one in game. If you’re missing the one drop, please reach out to Twitch’s support: Customer Support

If you have one of the drops, you should be good and your account’s connected properly. Just waiting on the fix for the other drop :slight_smile:

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I did everything right, but got nothing

the equipment does not match the armor of the intended drop, I already opened the box and they also did not come in the intended GS

I didn’t get any of the 2 drops aswell. I’m contacting Twitch right now.

i got nothing

I didn’t any skin from the crate either. I was supposed to have 2 crates as well. Please include everyone in the fix.

Thank you.

It’s in the store. Click claim item

I have one in the store but when I click claim nothing happens.
When I click preview this box shows up:

(Yea, I tried file check and relog)

I only got 1 as well… this patch, promo, off to a bad start, deja voodoo.

When i click on Claim nothing happens too.

I only have one cache of the two. Watching for the third one right now. I’m not claiming/opening anything in-game until I know everything has been fixed.

Edit: just checked and all three caches were available to claim. I’ll open them AFTER the restart. Here’s to hoping they aren’t trash.


+1 for missing a box

i opened one (the one i had, still missing one) and didnt get anything

Oh its alright. I got my third one rewarded and wasn’t there. Only AGS can mess this up with a twitch drop. slow clap

only 1 too (
wait repair for 2 and soon i take 3(mb)
i recive spear 597 gs staff 590 and greaves 593 I wonder if that’s how it was intended? in my opinion, this is garbage - now I don’t care if I will be given 2 and 3 boxes with such garbage
those who didn’t get anything don’t worry you don’t need this garbage you already have better equip

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