Only companies gets recomensated for the TP-down period, Fair?

Yeah, at least pause the timers if they can’t recompensate the taxes. They could also freeze the costs of rent and armor repairs when they shut down the TP.

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No one can sell, no one can buy, everyone pays taxes but only companies get compensated.
Sounds about right for the urinate in a bottle and keep it moving atmosphere.

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Yeah… I feel dirty every time I think about the fact that I’m sponsoring such abhorrent work environments. That’s why I can’t blame “the devs” for everything that’s not working. This is managements fault, not devs.

Sounds Like Bull Puki all need reimbursement " No Taxation Without Representation" and I love the post about if The trading post down log out hit them with low pop

It makes my blood boil I am being placed subservient to a different class player. No, it isn’t fair at all.

We will get nothing again since they probably forgot that they already promised a compensation the first time the ah was taken down and they didn’t distribute anything:

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“future update” can be whenever, so yeah… we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.

fact is, i don’t believe they care about the future of the game. they got their 40 dollar pay outs. they aren’t charging a sub, so they don’t have to provide compensation. we don’t matter passed the 40 dollars we can’t get refunded for all the crap they put us through

I think they do care, the devs at least. Management however, yeah, they might just be satisfied with the yearly notation of income to the company. But we has players can sort of decide as well if they keep going or not. If everyone leaves, they will probably lose interest in trying to fix things. If players stick around, encouraging them to keep going, they just might. then again, look at games like No man’s Sky, or heck even FFXIV. They stuck to their guns even when everyone was leaving/berrating them. And now they are great successes.

oh man while were at it can i get some compensation for being lvl 60 91 Gear score stuff for alot two weeks before 600 gear was released. That is a good 500k im missing worth of legendries i could of potential had.

I’m confused as to what you are reffering to here. Seems to me you are pulling numbers and arguments out of a hat good ser.

People don’t talk about potential money being lost, but about lost taxes paid on trade orders which are now expired since the market went offline but the timer didn’t freeze.


oh not the same thing:? i thought we were asking for things because we were upset about something. I was just adding my problem to the table. You do not see many post on here from the no lifer’s who hit 60 and 91 gear score fast that were capped at 91 for weeks without being able to get to 600 gear score figuring out and theorizing for everyone else. Yet for some reason the little gold maybe 5-6k you spent posting on the auction house is causing you so much discomfort you guys are asking for recommendation. Also do not forget chest are bugged in dungeons so all the chest i looted with 500 gear score in them i want a legendary for those as compensation. ( see how silly i sound)

On a serious note they are trying so hard to improve the game for us and get rid of all the bad stuff hurting the game, lets just call it spades and take the bullet as they work to fix things.

YES! it is NOT a make good if they’re only making good to the top 0.000003 percent of players. I lost at least 1000 gold in fees if not more than that over this not even including what would have sold. it’s very bad faith to punish EVERYONE because some jerks exist and then to reward people that are already rewarded more than the vast whole of the people inthis game. I don’t get money for nothing like company owners.

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they posted more about that and the make good was only for companies not the majority of the player base who lost out

I agree, but also for downtime. These patches kill what little playing time I have. It would be nice to get a week or 2 of paid taxes. Not tax free, because that would just screw the owners of the territory.

Who spends 5-6K in TP taxes? I couldn’t pay that much if I tried! Are you folks listing items for $1M?!?

Taxes on the TP are minimal, or rather, not a problem. And I usually have all 100 auctions active. The stuff that sells compensates me just fine. Some stuff doesn’t sell and is wasted. No problem.

I don’t understand how folks can be this upset about losing TP tax (assuming there’s no freezing). I’d happily lose a little cash (which I’ll make back when I repost) if it means helping the Devs combat dupes/exploits.

i’m pretty sure Im paying that much a week. you don’ thave to be listing things for a million dollars for it to add up very quickly. I regularly post things that cost between 50 and 300 gold to list and I have a hundred listings up all the time. I also recently have been averaging about 3000 to 4000 a day in sales

I fear that, by the time they get around to releasing their so-called “makegood” patch, they’ll owe us all so much “makegood” that they’ll end up giving us basically the same value of gold back that they removed from dupes already :smiley:

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Terribly sorry old chap. The Companies affected however, would be happy to spread that compensation out among you poor beleaguered souls who use the Trading Posts. Where they have to spend the money, again, to raise the Tiers of everything that got downgraded (sometimes more than once) so that you can go back to crafting and selling. Oh, and while they’re doing that they’ll be more than happy to remind you that those taxes, they didn’t get them since Gold transfers were locked and nothing goes into the company wallet.

No, they actually wouldn’t be happy to do that. Sure, maybe in Everfall or Windsward the Companies make some coin. Out in Restless Shores or Mourningdale, where there isn’t much to bring people in that aren’t leveling? They’re taking Economics courses to figure out how to break even.