Oops! Gone forever... But how could I have known?! :(

I have been scouring the map searching for and collecting as many furniture Schematics as I can, and have been very lucky to have found quite a lot. Unfortunately, this has led to a problem: aside from going to a Workshop to manually check what furniture items are unlocked for crafting and comparing them with the schematics that you have, there is no way to know if you have already learned the schematic (aside from having a freaky, wicked memory).

For example, I just found the ‘Schematic: Log Table’. I salvaged the schematic to learn the craft, but I haven’t been to my Workshop in a while, so I had no idea that I had already learned it! The schematic was salvaged - gone forever - and I learned nothing new.

These schematics can be quite valuable as well for those who are also working on growing their collections.

It would a very nice and incredibly helpful addition if schematics we have already learned could feature an ‘Already Known’ line of text in the tooltip.

Thank you for your time!


Ever tried using a notebook ? I have hand written notes about all recipes I learnt :smiley:

Nonetheless, Yes, we should be seeing that we already know a schematic.

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