Open field pvp need love

First, the equipment obtained when a player is killed should necessarily correspond to the level of expertise that the player has for example if the player has the 600 expertise on his hammer and the lowest he should obtain is 590. It is extremely stupid to get rewards at 500 expertise when clearly your expertise is not there.

Second, pure rewards like gold and faction token need to be increased drastically because currently it doesn’t even cover repairing equipment for example it’s pathetic to see how little reward you get

Third, the delay before obtaining rewards should be reduced it is stupid to have to wait a minimum of 5 minutes so that the player kill gives something, it does not make sense for example to kill the same person who comes to defend the fort because she wants to defend and get nothing. another example is in a faction war in open world pvp where you clarly have more chance to fight and kill the same player over and over due to the very large number of player in the same place.

In conclusion, it is important to see a considerable improvement for open world pvp because it is really pitiful compared to other types of pvp