Open letter to AGS: The game is unrewarding and with the changes to combat unfun

The two pillars of any MMO are loot and combat. In new world both are now broken. We will look in detail at both.

Luck. Luck is a garbage stat and on its surface dumb. Instead of making your character as powerful as possible and tackling end-game content we consciously nerf ourselves with luck sets in the hopes of getting better loot. Dumb right? Why would we do that? Well because we have been told in order to get a chance at the best items we have too. Again not smart. Whether or not luck works, works correctly, is broken, nerfed, or causes cancer is the matter of much debate. What’s clear is that any facet of the game that inspires this much doubt is bad for the game as a whole. Get rid of it. I can almost see the gathering sets being useful as they are a conscious choice; minimize combat capability to maximize a gathering stat. At that point killing monsters should be your primary goal so you argue that it is acceptable risk.

Loot. Loot in this game is horrible. I have ALOT of time played cleared all “endgame” content too many times to count and only use 1 item that has dropped. 1. Ever. Everything else is crafted. The mismatches in perks and stats that are randomly rolled only make sense if we are bathed in them. Think diablo or borderlands. I literally rains loot. Most of it might be garbage but it feels goodemphasized text** and you have a better chance at scoring something meaningful. Why have leg melee two handers with dex on them? most of the curated weapons are hot trash. On top of that they are only usable by the crafters themselves. why bother? Legendary dupes: Cant sell it. Why give it to me? Thanks for the 3 gold and a wasted dungeon run on an orb that cost 5k to make.

Orbs. Cool idea. Terrible execution. Way too costly in time and effort to make especially in light of the preceding. Tone down the requirements. Make none of the mats BoP. Keep the timers if it makes you feel better.

Chests. Nerfed into the ground. Kind of pointless now. The only reason to open them are trophy mats which have been nerfed to less that one percent. Also aggravating. Add chest loot to mob tables so we can at least fun killing stuff to get what we want.

Combat. Last pass make combat clunky and unresponsive. Weapon swap bug is still here. de-syncs between my client and the server happen more often than not. Your netcode is bad. That is why the desyncs are so frequent. You own AWS. how are you not good at this? Waiting for your character to do what you tell it to do is frustrating as hell and usually results in alt+f4 unless i’m running something that people are depending on my to complete. individual weapons will rise and fall in power over time. I consider that normal as people (myself included) bitch and moan about certain weapons (rightfully and wrongfully). What’s at stake here is the entire fluidity of combat has been ruined. NOTHING is fun to play at the moment. This WILL 100% kill a combat based game. Don’t believe me? Think I’m overstating my case? Go look at BF2042. I’ll wait.

You have made many, many mistakes. Yet people want this game to succeed. There are great core ideas here, the world is beautiful, the sounds engineers should get a raise. Yet at every turn in decision making and execution you fall short. You actually thought the players would be cool with having there characters nerfed in the new expertise system. It was not until a wholescale internet revolt did you realize how wrong you were. You are out of touch with us. You are not listening to us. Last but not least every time you hand us something good you hand us 3 other things that are bad. Copy-pasting, glass ceilings, time gates, and grind walls are not what we want. We understand that you are doing this to buy time to save yourselves. Be honest. This may prolong your survival in the very short term but ensures your demise in the long term. Look farther than 1 fiscal quarter away. It is not a given we will be here for you if you do not.


All this RNG bs, all this - hide that little content behind time sinks and RNG is pissing me off!
And lets face it, nothing in this game is working properly! Nothing!

Hey Lead Dev, would you mind, make some fun, rewarding, balanced game decisions, instead of f-ing with us all the time? And so, that they are working?

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I disagree with loot and luck. It should be hard to get loot, not raining legendarys stuff like other games.

I agree with combat, it gotta be fluid. Also more meaningful dynamic content to pvp needs to be added.

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Game needs some named gear sets.

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What are you talking about? legendaries are raining, just look 1 min in global and one look at the trader and you’ll see hundreds of legendaries, only problem? The are absolute trash with this RNG system, if you actually want legendaries to mean something and be few, then the rng needs to be remade and make only a few ones craftable without rng but hard to get and to get them from named bosses with a low percentage.

The current system is absolute trash and I have no idea why anyone is defending this awful system.

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White Knights incoming!

Well stated, spot on :+1:

Big agree, desync needs to be the number one priority. Lag and desync have killed pvp in many MMOs.

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Im getting EFT vibes again and i agree.

Agree with everything

plus greataxe is OP

I agree. Combat especially is in a absolutely terrible state at the moment and needs a ton of attention from the Devs. It’s the core of any MMO and should be a top priority at any given time.The responsiveness and fluidity has honestly never been really amazing, but recently it has been so bad that its borderline unplayable most of the time.

Buggy Weaponswapping, Constant Desync & Rubberbanding and other interaction bugs are more prominent than ever and create a really frustrating gameplay experience, especially when it comes to PvP. Besides that there also are a bunch of other combat & balance related issues that hopefully get adressed soon.

Besides that, I also agree that Luck is a throwaway stat that almost forces people to never wear gear that actually makes you feel more powerful and is more fun to use. If a piece doesn’t have any luck on it and it’s not s BiS-item for PvP it’s basically useless. Luck is just a bad mechanic, remove it.

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Well said. Lot of potential, but an awful lot of bad decision-making/design choices. Things are not improving in this game.

I put out a lot of feedback hoping that they will make improvements but it seems like they are unable/unwilling to make concrete real changes that will make this game more fun, challenging and rewarding. I see them “trying” but they seem so out of touch, I don’t feel a lot of confidence that they’ll figure it out.

Such a shame really.

wish this had gotten more traction and/or a response from you know who. Guess ill go check out Icarus

I’ll agree looting is terribly boring in this game. Not being able to find usable armor and weapons really sucks the fun out of it.

Standing around crafting over and over to make items is not for everyone. Also crafters can make certain traits and attributes fixed and looters are just given trash.

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