OPEN PVP IS VIABLE if you make a pk system

it’s so easy to make a pk system, if someone kill you, they get a penalty and can lose items on their inventory if they die.

all old mmos was like that, why new mmo’s are against pk system?

imagine all the fun and wars for gathering spots on new world


This would kill the game for every PvE player.

Imagine if when you died in a PvP mode they got to keep a piece of your armor.

the pk will lose it, not the pve player


Oh i read open PVP to be everyone was forced into PVP. My mistake.


it will be like that, you can bait people to fight

player 1 try to gather
player 2 hit him so he will stop since he cant gather being hitted

now player 1 have 2 choices, get flagged and fight back or get killed so player 2 turn into a pk

if player 1 get flagged no one will be penalized on kill
now if player 1 get killed without a flag, he can back to get a revange without being penalized and can get some items from player 2

also with this you can make a bounty system on new world, you can make a post so the pk will be hunted


They had that in Alpha. Didnt work.


Easy, ditch factions, make companies responsible for pvp. If you’re without company, you can’t pvp nor duel neither accept duels, if you’re on a company you’re always with pvp on, no safe spots. By this everyone can choose their own path at any given time.

Why would you ever kill anyone then? You get almost nothing for killing players.

I’d love PK system <3.

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This wouldn’t work on this game.

It used to be something like you described, but it was changed before release.

this work on any mmo, only who played it know how good it is


The most realistic expectation you can ask for is a open world PvP-flag zone in game.

Make it fun, make it worthwhile, players will handle the rest.

Expecting anything else from this team is delusional.


so you can have open pvp and people can choose to fight or not, also killing someone can turn into big wars when they call their friends and that’s where the fun begin

that would be AWESOME

Not everything is easy. Did you think about all the possible things that could happen with this suggestion? How about balance?

A Pk system if anything will identify who are the Pkers hiding inside the PvP community.

Play Albion 80% of world there is with free pvp full loot system. Xd Here forced pvp does not fit people on Alpha were abusing it, there was a problem with range group players. Imagine noe musket shoots you from the highest mountain and u as melee can do nothing and just lose gear, ofc nobody would be running in BIS gear when you can lose it to 5 guys in green items. Full loot pvp is a fine tool gives a lot of fun, but chances must be equal and not here how ranges work currently.

That already existed in new world, the alpha of the game was like that, the cities were built by the players and I loved that game. I like new world now but hopefully they will release a game that is based on what the alpha was like, since it was another game already my way of seeing was expectacular


They scraped the alpha cause they knew it was too toxic. They wont ever release it.