OPEN PVP IS VIABLE if you make a pk system

While I have seen PK systems work in other games, I don’t think this is the right solution for NW pvp.

that to my way of seeing was a lie of the developers to focus on the pve, since we even got together all the clans to create a city for the noobs, to which war was never declared, and the pvp was always in war zones, the thing is a noob saw you in pk and tried to kill you to rob you, you killed him and cried, what they call toxicity was a conflict between two clans.

Old mechanic that are 20 years old. There is reason modern mmo does not use this mechanics. Players dont like them. They think they do, untill they are victim.

Flawed system from the get-go.

You’re not going to catch me if I want to get away in the Open World unless you bring a raid to chase me down and cut off every possible escape path. A system like that would effectively be non-existent for people that play the meta (dex light armor)

Some form of faction-based bounty system would be fun to play around with, however.

YOu dont keep armor from PK. You keep armor if you killed a guy which pked before.

At least they could implement a War system between clans like in Lineage 2.
Clan A declare war to Clan B. Clan B respond and declare war to Clan A.
Then all members of these clans can pvp without penalties in open world, with or without pvp flag.

Big companies would have more challenges in open world, create more fights that other people could join since it’s not the instanced war system, and so on…

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True, loosing items on death might create multiple options of abuse. We can talk about ganking solo players or ‘trading’ bound items via PK system.
So items drop on death its wrong and even if looks cool on paper, on live would be to abusable and broken.

On the other hand PK system would be epic good!
Penalties can be different, like not being able to teleport, damage debuff, losing PvP XP, or more better ideas. I’ve only listed few fast options.

a person in pk could not enter the cities since the guards attacked him, so I am not so sure that you will escape… to where?

pk systems with reputation, bounties, and jails are great!

just not in nw, the game is far too PvX at this point to make it work.

your feedback essentially boils down to there is not enough incentive to pvp in open world and state that and ask for better content and incentives to drive NW w/in the context of the game design if you will ever have any hope of getting traction on the issue.

albion is bad because there isn’t a penalty for killing someone, you can just kill everyone and be free.

A pk system is way better for pvp without being too toxic, maybe losing equiped items on pk is too much, but losing items on inventory is a must, like losing potions etc, this can be fun on new world since you can gather and make camps on the woods, so a pk can be the serial killer on the woods, they can gather and try to survive there alone because they can’t enter crowed areas and cities

I remember this from old school MMOs like Cabal and Metin and it was bad design why anyone ounish me for killing other players in open world ? imo free pvp in zones is better without any penetlies better player won and we can end it anyway nothing happends in this game if you get killed so dunno why there is no option for free pvp.

But why makin such stupid penetlies just pvp zones in Sm, edengrove, great clave and here we go… better fight for resources than pulling mobs on others…

we were wanting pvp zones and the pve crowd said “NO YOU MAKE MY WORLD SMALLER” Thats the gist of what countless other threads were.

Bla bla truth is that even in that case only ~ 15% of players will fight you rest will just ignore and go to do their stuff…

How many Duels are fought right before Windsward? Many right? How many percent are duelling there? So why would PvP Zones a bad thing even if “just 15%” would use em regular? Its PvP ofc not all wanna participate.

Major change to start makin OW alive: Give up luck mechanic, people dont want fight because they wear luck gear… and will be onshoted… 2nd there are totally no rewards, for killing players this must change…

Because allowing to fight everywhere give The game more immersion, predesigned areas are not The same, not everyone want to go there and fight, a pve player can get rewarded if someone force them to fight, a pk system is more fun, you can make groups of pk or groups of pk hunters, pve players are not forced to fight, a player Who pked someone Who dont want to fight Will be penalized

especially with the Factions. Why are we even factions if we only fight when botch partys agree…

Forced PK system killed ArcheAge, Bless, and Elyon, BDO is moving away from Forced PK system by placing very harsh penalties on people who do it. Making it not realistic.

It only works in Eve Online and Survival PvP genre games because gear don’t instantly make you a GOD like it do in vertical progression MMOs like New World and ArcheAge.

The only way this would work in New World is if the Devs complete nerf all the gear perks in the game by say 75%. That way you don’t end up like how it is in ArcheAge. Where super geared PKers camp outside the towns for low geared players.

Also, most of these high geared players on these types of vertical progression MMOs will actually make deals with each to not fight each other but gank defenseless players. Judging how these types of players act in New World already. New World would follow the same path and have less than a peak of 2000 players.

Because of that MMOs like that these days are lucky to have a peak of 2000 concurrent players.

These games died Because they are p2w and gamble, no relation with pk, New world pve is bad, no one play for it, only gather/craft, Pvp and combat worth, tell me a epic boss fight, even skills are ugly

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