Open up outpost rush/greater portals

Lack of content once you reach level 60 is trash. All you can do is kill the same bosses to increase water cap. The legendary quests aren’t completed for half the weapons. Outpost rush was only open for two hours and was a blast then you closed it down. Why keep playing a game that you can’t do anything. Can’t complete greater portals because you’ve locked them. Can’t make new orbs for dungeons without or youll grind a year to do one. even then with the limitations set of where to grind gs, dungeons aren’t worth it until you level it up. At least with outpost rush it also level your gs. Give us content. The servers are dying. Most the US East servers are low pop so merge them. You released a game at 60% completion. Half the areas including reek water have 50 mobs spawning on top of each other.

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Outpost rush disbled - 100+ posts
Portals - 100+ posts
Mob spawn timers - 100+ posts

Can you see the various complaints on the forums about this already? Perhaps look for a new bug/issue so they can work on improving the game. Cheers :smile:

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