Open World felt alive and extremely fun for a short time all over the continents

For a brief time… The NW player base was incentivized to be in the open world (flagged), and WOW did the zone come alive! What an exciting time that was.

There were times of mutual peace, where you were running missions side by side with other factions. Head constantly on a swivel. Heart pounding. You wonder… will they attack? Should you attack? The ceasefire is always a moment away from ending… is now that time?

Eventually someone would break the peace and all out war ensues! Honor was at stake. Lives were lost. Sacrifices were made so others might live to fight another day.

There times of running through an open area where fighting was heard in the distance (sound designers at New World should be in charge). You looked around to see what was happening. Does someone need your help? Or do you need to run like hell to save your ass!

New friendships formed. New rivalries formed. Reputations were made.

At times it was necessary for safety reasons to team up with old friends or new strangers and travel in packs. We had to watch each other’s backs. The action was thrilling.

It mattered not what brought us all together, both friends and enemies, the fact remains. New World open world was ALIVE!!! Literally ANYTHING that creates this atmosphere should be celebrated and imitated moving forward.

It mattered not if I ran an entire mission and died seconds before reaching the safety of the outpost. That sucked - but it was AWESOME. It mattered not if I died five times trying to complete one mission. So what, it delayed my progress? Big deal. The point is the world was alive and we had so much fun being a part of it.

Not only was it fun, but we actually got rewards for having fun. That almost sounds like “A GAME”!

(copy pasta from reddit op because its so true)

Nerfing rewards Was a mistake. They should buff the lacking other rewards instead. The game feels not rewarding enough altogether.


I actually thought the PvP mission nerfs were a good idea from a gameplay perspective. However, I mostly leveled up my PvP levels by killing people in GC, but now I cannot find anyone to kill, hah. No one is queueing for arenas. It seems like the server is queuing OPR, but they are not really trying because every game is like 1000 to <500. None of this is fun anymore.

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Sometimes, they should persue a course of action because it is fun. Not always, certainly, but sometimes. This was a golden opportunity to double down on open world presence and tweak the rewards upward to get more participation. Not go the other way.

Every, single, time, that we find something that feels worthwhile and rewarding it gets slapped back, instead of raising rewards to match. They always turn everything down. Someone in that office space does not like fun.

It’s like there’s a mathematician in there calculating all these rewards and there’s no one in the room to say stop, this is not fun. That is not fun at all.


100% agree! Don’t nerf fun! This will lead to people Quitting the game! It’s not to late to save the greatness in GC you created! Bring the xp back and make the missions in other areas closer and boom open world pvp all over the map and not just in one area!


One of the things I loved about this game from the start… was that it allowed you to treat it as a sandbox. You could go out and do whatever you wanted on any given day. It has drifted so far away from the sandbox ethos to where we are now being corralled into what AGS wants us to do exclusively.


This is the most accurate post i have seen to describe the great cleave faction missions on Orofena.

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I honestly don’t understand the thought process at AGS allegedly you play the game.


I dont even know what to say anymore.


I do we should keep telling them.

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Hello ags. Do you see this?

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