Open world full pvp zones

For me, more than raising the % of XP gained when being flagged, i would sugest the existance of full pvp territories that will force us to be flagged automatically as soon as we step on that territory but that type of territories need much more resources, more powerful bosses, more great drops so it is really worth it getting into an extremely hostile territory which forces us to pvp, that can make interaction between players very interesting inside those areas, speaking of missions, it seems to me that there would be no big problems, as long as these missions dont give you something extra, so players dont will be always leveling on these areas and these can be the end game lvl 60 territories, also we can think further and make more zones where flagged and non flagged players are more vulnerable, that means that maybe non flagged friendly players can also attack flagged player and flagged players can attack non flagged players so theres a real risk of being flagged or not out there, and still keeping our loot when we die its a pretty cool way to exploit the open world pvp mechanics

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