Open World Materia

The latest patch has been a huge QoL upgrade in farming BoP named armors.

Previously, many BoP named armors dropped off enemies below level 64. Getting 590 off a lv63 required a perfect roll and was impossible sub 63.

Now that a majority of these armors are much easier to obtain at 590+, what are the thoughts about introducing world materia? Getting 590 isn’t guaranteed from lv63. It took me a few dozen drops off Mozrul before RNG gave me a 590+ Avenging Slat. This makes the rest of the sub 590 GS armors useless to me. I can salvage for scraps, but it would be nice to have materia as well.

Some “Legendary” armors are still unobtainable as 590+.

Avenging Bracers, Headdress of the Archmage, and Fearless Spy’s Cowl only drop in Caminus where the mobs top off at lv50. So you cannot unlock these as legendary.

Avenging War Kilt, Shamanic Leggings of the Archmage, and Fearless Spy’s Leggings only drop in Stranglepitch road. These mobs are lv60 so even though you CAN get 590+, it’s very difficult and reminiscent of the issue pre-update with level 63 mobs.

Vambraces of Corrupted Rage are currently unobtainable. These were never able to be obtained legitimately.

It would be nice to have a World Materia obtained from salvaging duplicate named armors and use them to craft 590+ GS versions of missing pieces. My hands are still cold.



Good idea, or region specific materia.


The ability to craft the random roll gear from dungeons with Materia would be great too.

I think Open World Materia would make a significant dip in salvage parts because the only main source of fragments would be from crafting at that point.

As I agree with you, maybe it shouldn’t be Materia or better yet, the ability to turn scraps into Open World Materia.

Also, 100% agreed on the implication that Materia should be to craft 590+ gear across all levels.


And pvp reward track materia.


Totally agree.The corrupted rage gloves still being unobtainable is kinda sad.


Or just make a scaling on player GS for legendary 600 named items. Because it’s better to craft some ward than look for it actually.

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World based Materia sounds like an amazing idea. @Aenwyn @Shadow_Fox Thoughts?


Let us not forget about OPR materia

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