Open World PvP exploit


I believe there should be at least a 10 second delay after a player is down in open world PVP before they are able to “give up”. The issue I ran into yesterday is that after “downing” another player I received zero PVP EXP because they “gave up” before I am to “defeat “ them. This happen multiple time and cause open world PvP to be less fun. What is the point of flagging PVP when we are not able to get credit if the other players exploit this function to “give up” quickly.

Edit: changed to PVP Exp instead of Azoth salt.

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Do you still receive a pxp exp in that situation? Maybe u just at cap of azoth salt? I never seen such a trouble.

Thank you for commenting . From what I remember I received no PVP Exp after multiple downing of another player. I only received exp after I “defeated” them by killing then after they are downed.

That’s not and exploit, that’s a game mechanic to avoid friends to climb up pvp track. When a player dies to another player he will not provide exp or salt in the following 10 min (not sure in the time part).

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Yeah they don’t start being “worth” pvp exp until theyreve been flagged for at least 10 minutes, the longer they’re flagged, the more they’re worth up to a certain point(idk what that point is) and it resets on death or otherwise unflagging/returning to a sanctuary.

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Ah okay that explains it. Thank you for commenting and explaining.