Open world pvp locations

New World PVP areas

I’ve posted this idea before but got Zero feedback good or bad from players or devs. Its about the forts and tents, to make them designated PVP locations in the open world but also make them semi PVE as well. By placing NPC’s levelled in congruence with that territory’s level at both structures that ally themselves with the factions based on certain constrains via level of control the challenge of holding the forts and capturing them become more rewarding. A combination that I find interesting for future mission types is 1 commander (Elite), 2 captains, 3 swordsmen, 2 spear-man and 2 archers. This would create audio alerts for faction members in the area able to hear the forts or tents being attacked and to encourage competing or giving aid. Also making The NPC’s more vulnerable to back attacks and agro all of them in the event of a failed stealth kill would mix things up a bit for the game and open other stealth mission opportunities up for the future in the game as well. And as an added bonus to the forts and tents, have some non-invincible elite level 85 chaotic neutral faction reps (dressed as admirals) that spawn at the forts to offer PVP missions. if a faction wants to prevent pvp missions from being played out by their enemy they are going to have to earn it.

Forts Territory Conquest: similar to the town faction control bars the forts should side with the faction that has the most control rather than holding positions over a circle for 5 minutes which is boring which is only adding to the hours of my sleep schedule and not in a good way.
Tents Territory Conquest: similar to the town faction control bars the tents should side with the faction with the second most control.
Taking faction missions from the town reps should add a 2x bonus for territory control as they are farther away from the forts and tents and give an opportunity for a third faction to catch up and compete for territory control

PVP missions

Groupers: a mission that is designed to keep players in the area. They pay less and are worth less for territory control but can be done in rapid succession.

Puller: a mission that is designed to pull players away from the PVP area to stimulate a loss of players in the area. Pullers should pay more or offer more faction points to discourage players form ignoring them

Capture the Flag: (grouper) players must bring the enemy flag from either the fort or tent back to win the match. 5 minutes to succeed before the mission is failed.

Demoralize the Enemy: (grouper) players must run the walls and destroy the banners by burning them(takes 30 seconds to ignite(interact)). Smoke signals should be seen from a distance to encourage players to aid in the PVP missions. 5 minutes to succeed or the mission is failed.

Saboteur: (grouper) Tamper with the defences or munition stocks. (30 seconds to sabotage(interact)). 4 minutes to succeed or mission failure.

Assassinate the Commander: (grouper) stealth optional, eliminate the Commander and bring me some some proof.

Caravan: (puller) A caravan is coming form another territory to supply the war effort. Defend it! (3 carts are spawn at the boarder along a road and its up to your faction to make sure at least one successfully arrives.

Destroy the Caravan: (puller) Destroy the enemies Caravan before its delivered to the enemies faction.

Double Agent: (puller) a mission with 2 outcomes. Reach the informant and pay for the info and bring that info back to your faction rep for reimbursement and a small bonus… or… sell off your intel to an enemy faction for more gold and payment. This would allow more chaotic players some agency in the game consisting of maritime piracy.

Eliminate the Defectors: (puller) a small squad of men are suspected and plotting a coup d’etat against the faction this mutiny cannot go left unpunished. Catch up to them and eliminate them. Found near the territory boarders at a random location. 10 minutes to complete or its mission failure

Bad Intelligence: (puller) An enemy has been spotted crossing the boarders, it has to be a messenger. Kill the messenger and take his clothes and disguise yourself as the messenger and deliver our note to the enemy Commander instead. They were reportedly coming from the [north][south][east][west] you may find them at a makeshift camp along the way. 14 minutes to complete the mission or the mission is failed

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This suggestion would take the entire AGS dev team 365 days to implement.

It takes them 6 months for a new weapon. You need lower expectations.


Sounds like ESO’s Cyrodiil just more complicated.

And look at what the PvP population actually wants to do – as little PvP as possible. It will be like Arena: Tons of wasted development time for a dead on arrival product because the PvPers will just ignore anything that’s to loot-inefficient.
For them, fun is not a factor. How to get as much loot out of the game as possible and how to disguise begging for more loot from the devs is what they are interested in.

But I don’t disagree that it would be more interesting – part of the reason Cyrodiil has NPC guards at towns and forts is to fill in for the lack of players populating the huge map.
Without them, taking over forts would be just a matter of walking in and capping it, especially at low-population periods – what they like to call “nightcapping”. When NA sleeps, AU players log on to NA servers and just cap all the forts because there are no players to oppose them.
So it slows them down a bit, but ultimately doesn’t matter.

Alas, what can be done? Those players won’t stop and if AGS just booted them it’d be devastating press along the lines of ‘players mass banned’ or something.

And none of these people care if NW dies, it’s all just a dopamine cycle of addiction to them. Like a drug addict, they just need the next hit. Who cares where it came from?

in the same way that players enjoy call of duty and halo, the reward is the fun that was being had simply playing the game. but yeah I cant ignore the loot miners being a factor. but what I figure this would do is create an opportunity to hinder fort capture swapping by making genuinely fun PVP mechanics. instead of groaning when the player has to support the faction, the player would be hustling over practically kicking their heels together and skipping. I’m pretty sure that town reps sell items that are used to craft top tier weapons and items so I’m not sure what the problem really is regarding that issue. if people are just loot mining and making this game pretty much an unpaid secondary work I have to pity them. How can one persons life be so boring that they would rather run around a game, ignore all the fun aspects as much as possible only to and harvest the best items in the game. it kind of coincides with the gear > skill mechanic that the alpha testers were pleading over and over not to have in the game.

well thats just hitting the issue right on the head of it all. the game will have an influx of players at times and to maintain a certain suspension of disbelief there should be npc’s in the game to make up for low population times in the game to encourage further gameplay. it would even bring back some pve players that felt like the game wasn’t offering enough of an experience they were looking for. if you want to point out the parallels of ESO to New World I have to side with ESO on its player-world interaction for solutions like this. when you enter a town. no NPC is really safe from being killed and there is a penalty for being caught doing this heinous act. the one thing that New Worlds has on ESO is its Combat. When my wood elf assassin shoots a bow and the arrow follows a player or npc nearly 90 degrees off coarse of its trajectory I find myself disappointed that its still technically a near tab targeting system and I keep away from such gameplay. unfortunately its the current PVP and PVE missions in New Worlds that feel like eating a spoon full of talcum powder. dry and tasteless. Unfortunately I have not done any PVP in Cyradiil in ESO so I have nothing to add on that. I’m more a fan of the thieves guild and dark brother hood and considering this is a maritime piracy game, I’m surprised at the lack of piracy in the game. regardless I’m not trying to make the game ESO, I am however encouraging the game to include the basic multiplayer gameplay that has been proven to entertain hordes of players over the years and give a bit of New Worlds flavor to the PVP style. if that style had more agency and more optional stealth mechanics to them I would be more appreciative but at least the idea is out there. maybe if more players were shared this post and give more feedback, the devs would take note of this?

I agree, stop wasting development time on new pvp besides new maps and gamemodes for opr. Pvp only crowd is way too fickle.

dont get me wrong, I really want to see the game have more story driven quests with npc’s that engage the player with choices that shift the outcome of the world they interact with and vast landscapes where there is always another interesting side quest just waiting around the next corner. that is absolutely my jam. but the game is a year old after 2 years of finally figuring out just what the heck they wanted the product to actually look like. it started with pvp only in mind. the devs wanted to design the game around a spell slinging medieval warfare pvp game but alpha convinced them that the game would be a better mmo than a simple pvp game which is why we find ourselves arguing about a game that has these issues being an mmo. so rather than constantly being a negative feedback fountain much like some of the posts. I choose the objective approach where there is a structured expectation instead of an ambiguous “this game sucks, make it better” approach. which might seem like a foreign concept to many people. and if the devs would meet it half way or put their spin on it, I would be satisfied with the outcome.

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