Open World PvP Map

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to make the faction system something more logical from a PvP point of view.

Let me preface this by saying that I really like to participate in small fights and currently you can look for this type of fights in OPR, 3v3 and Open World PvP if flagged.
Territory control wars are in the hands of the guilds and the importance of being part of a faction or not has little meaning if you are outside the guild logic and the quest for PvE bonuses.

Maybe what I am saying is pure madness, but in my opinion it would be interesting to make more sense of factions from a PvP perspective.

I am a player who recently returned for the expansion after almost a year out of the game and I am glad that a new mode for 3v3 has been introduced.
However, what I see is that most of the PvP currently is instanced and in my mind I think it would be very nice to bring a more logical Open World PvP to life.
So I was thinking, why not give players the opportunity to play in an always accessible map where PvP rules it?

I was thinking of a map, not too big, where you can only enter if you are flagged:

  • The map must have 3 closed respawns (one for each faction), not passable by other factions, such as small towns where you can resupply yourself before leaving the protected zone (thus a trading post and crafting stations);

  • Once out of the protected zone we will find various objectives to conquer, perhaps divided by degree of importance, e.g., objectives that are easily conquered by going around alone or in small groups (small encampments, villages) and others that require larger groups (fortresses, castles), so as to create hot spots where action can be found;

  • Encampments are easier to conquer and harder to control for a long time and perhaps serve to supply larger structures (fortresses, castles) to make them increase in tier and make them less vulnerable to enemy attacks; In this way it will be easier for small groups to cut off supplies and more difficult for large groups to control the entirety of the map;

  • I don’t think it makes much sense to add gatherable nodes, otherwise it would become a zone of exclusive access for those with very organized groups and then we would have to compete with larger guilds for control of areas that mainly affect PvE; but I may be wrong about that, maybe introduce particular gatherables that are easily accessible even minimally, which will then be used for PvP set creation or simple siege weapons;

  • Conquerables lead to exclusive benefits for one’s faction as far as PvP is concerned, the ones I can think of currently are very simple, for example gaining more experience for the PvP track in all modes that allow it, gaining more Azoth Salt etc.

In my opinion it does not need to be perfect as a mode, releasing it in a very basic version would be good; moreover they could create new PvP dynamics (bonuses, modes, armor/weapon sets etc)

What I was thinking about is an an understudied idea that has been little thought out in detail, however, it leaves a lot of room for imagination; it’s a mode that is easily expandable once you release it, and it’s probably a small step toward updating the faction system.

In any case, I wanted to create a post to see if you would also be interested in having such a mode, and I would love to hear your opinions.
Thank you!


Love this. Just made a post about the exact same thing

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