Open World Pvp Rewards

me and my friends came to this game specially because the possibility to find organic open world pvp

its cool, prob better than most of MMOs currently in the market but…

the big issue is… theres basically NO REWARDS killing someone open world

i think u guys can add something like this:

  • 30 to 100 gold drops from the dead guy stock
  • add some kind of fame/karma like UO did
  • make a leader board of pvpers


actually my friends quit the game and im insisting to play cuz i think its fun…

but…to keep me and others interested it need some flavor ASAP

it needs something but it also needs win trading protection.

cant have a bunch of nakeds outside of WW punching gold out of each others orifices’s.

id setting for diminishing return gold. calculated based on gear score differential, with modifiers for armor damage and nullifier for being naked.

as a way to prevent people from farming off each other and diminishing returns if you beat up newbs in crap gear, or over beat up some one that they have broken armor. also gives you nothing if you beat up people with broken armor.

sure. ofc it need some tweaks to balance.

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