Open World PVP Scenario on attacking PVP flagged players way below your level

Scenario: You are level 60 (PVP flagged), you saw a level 40 player (also PVP flagged). He didn’t saw you or intentionally ignored you.

Question: Do you attack him or just leave him be?

Do we know what’s the player level? I’m my opinion it’s only fair attack lvl 60 player

yeah, I think you would know the player level if you target him on your crosshairs? right?

Yes you right só in my opinion i attack only my lvl players unless other lvl attack me.

You hypothetical played out during alpha 1 when the gameplay was full loot PvP. The results were grim and not what AGS wanted. It is the reason why we have flagged and full loot is out of the question.

here is the article related to your hypothetical

It is an interesting read.

But here is the answer… morally? it is just wrong.

Individually, 70% would not try.
As a zerg, 90% liklely it will happen.



I usually whisper them first and told them they picked the wrong side

Then kill them

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If you’re flagged, you’re fair game. You made the choice to flag. We are 3 warring factions.

If you want to add ethics & morals, that’s individual choice.


Immature teenager would attack a level 40 while being 60

I attack lvl 60s on sight, but leave any player below 60 to whatever he’s doing. I don’t feel like discouraging low level players to flag later by killing them when they had absolutely no chance to fight back. However I still feel like it’s everybody’s choice to flag up and you should never count on everybody being as “friendly” as I am towards non-60s.

I feel like you link this in nearly every one of your posts but continually ignore the obvious truths associated with it.

AGS made no earnest attempt to manage that system. Something as simple as making the beaches sanctuaries would have alleviated huge swaths of problems.

But keep parroting the same old tired flawed arguments. It’s not like FFA OWPvP will save this game. The combat quality isn’t nearly good enough to bring significant volumes of people back.

I vill ask him to pay me 300 gold , or i kill him ;D

I have a very busy schedule, and only have 10-15 hours a week max to play. Needless to say, i leveled very slowly…ive always had my flag on, and during the leveling process(1-60), i encountered countless scenarios where i was a sub 60 and level 60s engaged me on sight.

Never once did i think it was unfair, or that i was being ganked. I took it as an opportunity to see if i could beat them, and at the least learn more about combat and how to improve.

Of course, im not a whiny little B like most of the people who complain about this non-issue…


If its red, it has to die.
Up to the dev to find some balance, like they had in closed beta.
But this question shouldnt happen. PvP flagging is mostly dead. The open pvp crowd left the game when AGS decided to turn NW into a theme park with a focus on closed instances and pvp arenas. But then, i d prefer WoW.

If they are doing anything other than fleeing from me, I may take a poke at them.

I prefer interactions to be genuine and emotionally driven and not dictated by some little number on the screen, or by the fact that someone knows they have nothing to lose by attacking when they should realistically not be doing that.

I prefer players in pvp video games to value their in-game life and run away from an obviously overwhelming threat, since that is the natural response and it is immersive that way.
Anything else breaks immersion very quickly and makes it feel arcadey and gamey.

For example, I used to play a lot of DayZ which is open world, perma death and full loot pvp.
The good pvp interactions were when people acted like they actually had some skin in the game, and usually were between medium to high geared players who were gripped by gear fear and they react like a real person would to being attacked or seeing a hostile player.

They did everything they could to preserve their life and their gear and win fights, but retreat as needed to survive.

The bad pvp interactions were with fresh spawns who would run at you like a kamikaze trying to knock you out with a shovel since they had no respect for their players life and nothing to lose. They didnt care if you were in full armor with an AKM in your hands.

If they die, they’d just kill themselves over and over to get a spawn close to you and run back at you again until eventually they got a KO and could steal your stuff. They didn’t act like a real person would and it was the worst part of the game for me since it destroys immersion in a game that’s effectively a very realistic simulator (all about immersion).

I get that very same feeling as a level 60 in new world, if some level 20 tries to fight me, and it makes the game feel cheap.

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