Open World PVP Time 2 h all days for all

all play red in the world 2h a day.

Nice idea.

Imagine there´s always pvp on in zones with a active 24 wartimer.

Or you need pvp on to loot t5 materials in endgame zones.^^

Or, when the map expansion finally happens (or if it happens) only allow access to certain areas if you’re flagged? I’d love that tbh.

Maybe even have random changes in the world where territory owners can designate windows of time where owned land can only be entered by opposing faction members if they’re flagged?

Make it some town board quest or faction influence to increase or decrease the time windows? Idk

But that would indirectly also kind of address some of the bots camping nodes.

auf jeden fall brauch das game mehr open world pvp. wenn gegner immer lachend einem die dinge klauen, das finde ich echt langweilig

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