Open world PvP?

I waited a long time for this game, hoping that a worthy successor to WoW will be created, but what I experienced is far from my expectations. It looks like the game was created for children and newbies, what is it that from 1 to 30 lvl I was running naked without any items to make it difficult to pve at lvl 30 I put on random items and used them up to about 50 lvl summing up items in mmorpg fantasy does not apply! this is absurd. secondly, what is the problem of producers with creating open pvp servers, how can you do mmorpg without open world pvp wtf? Have the developers ever played games? are they corporate machines? why this game is so easy and it leads the player by the hand. the only thing cool about this game is the graphics - attention to detail and professions but I didn’t buy a collecting simulator only mmorpg and this game doesn’t meet mmorpg standards


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