Open World XP + XP Post Level 60

One of the things I love about MMO’s is the open world, and New World has one of the best in my opinion. But today I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to add more value into the open world for the player to farm up (they’ll need to give a reason for XP at level 60 mind you).

What I think would be a real good addition to the open world, is bonus XP for how long an enemy has been spawned. The game already does this for PvP, but why not do it for PvE as well. A good working example of this is Guild Wars 2, where killing an enemy that’s been up for a while grands larger and larger pools of bonus XP.

If they were to add a system like that, plus add a system that allows XP to give value to the player once they hit level 60, I think that would be a really nice update that would benefit both the casual and hardcore player.

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