[Opinion] Bans for streamers should be higher than players who exploit but don't stream

The fact that streamers reach a broad audience means they should serve out longer bans, not shorter. They publicize these exploits and often laugh it off/encourage this behavior. This toxicity spreads and other people emulate them. If you want integrity within your game then these streamers openly exploiting should have LENGTHY bans. It will send a message to their viewers that A.) Being a streamer doesn’t make you exempt, and B.) They could potentially have the same consequences as the streamer they are watching if they participate in this behavior. A 24 hour ban for knowingly exploiting AND showing how to do it publicly AND encouraging it… is a joke, and the punchline will be loads of people feeling free to exploit throughout the future of new world. If the punishment is taking a day off, no one will care…literally no one.


New and better streamers are always available and will take their place. Perhaps ones that actually care about the future of the game and aren’t here for the quick buck views.


They should be permanently banned from Twitch as well.


They should have their characters wiped entirely force them to start again from LVL 1


The most likely scenario is a slap on the wrist it seems.

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Correct, Streamers should be held even higher than a normal gamer when it comes to abuse. Not only are they damaging the game but they can influence new players who may check out a game via twitch or Youtube before giving it a go.


That should be baseline for anyone who dupes items or gold. Banned for X days, character wipe.


No, if you start banning people, everyone gets the same bans for the same reasons. Slanting the rules based on how popular someone is wont help enforce the rules and the mindset that it is fairly applied. The idea, in law when trying to enforce something, to make someone an example to scare others is dumb. If you dont want someone doing something make the punishment the thing that stops them not one single case to one public person out of the normal. If someone is following the example of a “streamer/public” person then they deserve the same punishment as the person doing it. No one is forcing anyone to do this.

If the complaint here that 24 hour ban isnt long enough for everyone that used a exploit. Well I wont comment on that as I dont really have a strong enough opinion either way.


The difference is that a normal player WILL serve out a much longer ban, because they don’t have any streamer privs.


Are you telling me this streamer still had all duped items after the ban?
A 24 hour ban and nothing wiped would be a joke, Amazon.


I agree with you here, not so much longer bans but the same would be cool. Don’t think they will be banning their own advertisement though.

While I agree I also don’t agree. I understand your frustration. However the reason I know this won’t work is because of what a certain streamer did a bunch of years ago in another MMO after he got banned for using an exploit. He simply created a youtube video and encouraged people not to play. Made up a bunch of things like “client-side authoritative”, etc. You get the point? The streamer will be angry and instead of thinking he/she did something wrong, they’ll blame the company for having the exploit. It’s just like most criminals don’t think they’re bad, just blame the system for catching them.

For players who don’t know Twitch and Youtube have their own Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines.

AGS can issue its own ruling of a 24-hour ban on a selected streamer exploiting but Twitch and Youtube can issue their own ban or suspension either permanent or an actual strike in their accounts. Strikes lower their chances of them getting sponsorships unless of course, they are a really big streamer.

I don’t frequent Twitch or Youtube (live one) so if you want to discourage this behavior report those that spread exploits in their channel and let Twitch/Youtube handle it.

He was farming a boss in an MMO, how is that exploiting? The macro thing I can understand that but even then it’s not a ban worth offense. No idea why the community got so offended over this, it’s not like he was money duping or duping items instead he was literally playing the game holy shit.

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He used 2 exploits at the same time while describing how it works. Then bragged about how it was nothing when he is at max gear score from said exploits and that does effect other players in a few ways

  1. He sells the high end gear that he obtained from
    from exploits on the market which does effect the entire community.
  2. When you do such things as a streamer and just give them a slap on the wrist then it’s like telling the community it’s okay to do this as you will get easy max gear for exploits and only have to endure a 24 hour ban
    To me that’s a good trade off.
    I say that no ban was needed if they rolled his watermark back to 500
    But this is neither here nor there as the people enforcing the bans are very lenient on any special streamers
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Streaming involves responsabilities as you are directly sharing something with your audiance IF you have an audiance, of course. I am aware that before i came to New World, i had an audiance average of 20-25 range (which isn’t huge but still was something) and since New World became something in my gaming life; i’ve lost all my audiance because most of them think that the game is trash.

But yet, i enjoy the game and i’ll NEVER be exploiting glitches, bug abuses nor feed any hate on anyone because my way to do things reflect on most people that would be normally watching; the influence is real.

Building an audiance around trolling, abusing exploits, bullying others is kind of sad :: And these are bannable offences to the Twitch and Youtube TOS.

This said, enjoy the game and it’s features without abusing glitches and without feeding hate on others.

Sincerly yours,

streamers are free advertising for the game, the marketing value alone will keep them from doing something “more extreme” to them because

a) it will discourage people from streaming


b) it will mean less people watching the game on streams which are considered potential customers

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Yeh I agree… there are alot of streamers showing how to exploit… step by step, suggesting people to go and exploit somewhere, because it’s due to be fixed etc… then in later videos completely denying they said it… I mean they recorded themselves saying it… yeh definitely. Also for people who don’t mute the sellers but leave their advertising in the chat for all to see.

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Well it’s too late now…AGS has spoken. If you stream the rules do not apply to you.

Its the same with amouranth being banned for ridiculously short periods after violating the same rules over and over and over and over and over and over again.

You make them money → they dont give a fuck what you are doing.´

Its amazons way of doing things. They ACT like they care about the customer because thats making them money.

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