Opinion on add-ons

Firstly I have to start by saying I have nothing against the idea of adding add-ons. This thread is not about that.

If you’re going to allow add-ons, please make an in-game menu to download said add-ons.
I think it makes it a lot safer if these have been approved in game. It also makes it easier for people to access.

Personally, if this doesn’t happen I don’t see myself installing anything that isn’t open-source.

But I can see “mandatory” add-ons becoming a thing quickly.

  • Want to join a war? You must have x and y installed.

  • Want to join a dungeon? You must have x and y installed.

  • Someone asking a question about z => “Just use addon x”

Now I can understand why this would happen, but if these are all closed source I think it’s a bad idea. If you approve them and host them through an in game UI at least we’d have the guarantee that it’s been checked for safety.

If a closed source add-on becomes popular and “mandatory”, then it comes to light that it had some malicious hidden code all along this is going to snowball really badly.

I hope you consider my point of view and put a hold on approving any odd add-on with the responsibility staying out of your hands until such a platform is available in game.

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