Opona has had 2 time skips in less than 24h

Last night around 1:30 EST the server skipped forward 7+ days and we all got kicked from the server immediately after. So my guild pushes today for 10hrs in order to get Ebon into conflict, we then declared, and IT HAPPENS AGAIN. Except our war we worked so hard to get AGAIN, apparently happened during that time skip, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

First time we declared last saturday – there was an invasion that pushed our war to Tuesday. No prob, except for when Tuesday comes, our war starts literally at the same time servers are coming back online from their unplanned maintenance, so the war had like 20 people on each side. We lose, gracefully, saying we’ll just “go again”. We run PvP quests all night for 6 hours so that we can declare again and have a real war. We push to conflict, we declare, war is set for Thursday. Cool. Thursday comes. Void gauntlet is introduced and made our Thursday war literally unplayable. People teleporting around, player movement was broken, and more. I’m sure you’ve seen the clips online of similar wars. We get to the last point AGAIN, and can’t push through the choke with the amount of lag we’re dealing with. We lose again gracefully, not claiming the result of the war was due to the lag in global chat, even though we believe it was. We tell each other “go again”. Except this time, PvP quests are different. No big deal, we’ve lost some efficiency, but after running them for an hour or two we figure out the new optimal way to run them, which is still way slower than before the new PvP quests, but still doable. We push 4 hours Last night, 8 hours today, and get it back into conflict. We declare a third time. Thinking my work was done and feeling rewarded for our sheer persistence, I decide to actually do something irl and get groceries so I can not die. When I get back, my guildmates let me know the servers crashed all of a sudden just before I got back in the voice call. Someone was able to get back on, and they told us the bad news again. No more war scheduled and influence is back at 0 in Ebon.

Honestly at this point, “make goods” aren’t gonna solve the problem. We don’t want gold. We’re a trading company, we don’t need it. What we do need is about 300%-worth redeemable influence. We literally spent over 24 hrs in the last week alone playing running simulator just to have a fair chance at getting the territory we had our eyes on. Y’all need to figure out how to compensate players for things they’ve lost besides just giving gold. People would much prefer you do whatever you need to do to figure out the core game issues over introducing new content. It feels right now like anything we do on the server can just be Thanos snapped away at any moment… so why play?


Yeah we are at physical exhaustion here with all this influence running, just to keep having it taken away from us by in game issues, Someone has to fix this and not with gold…


+1, need our war back on Opana, scheduled for Sunday @ 9:30 PM Eastern. Still time to fix.

Steam reviews up. Will adjust my review if you can adjust my war.

Is this status quo for AWS hosted servers?


This is ridiculous. We did all this work for the game to pretty much give us the middle finger. This needs to be fixed by 9:30 PM EST


I am seriously frustrated. It’s so sad to see our effort going to waste. We are a large company and we are doing our best, everyday, to maintain our company members united and engaged in the game because we do believe in its potential… but, it’s getting hard. You had a beta server and still brought issues from that time to the official release. Ok, maybe you were rushed? I don’t know how that industry actually works. But this time, you had a temporary server to test a future update. “Good call!” - I thought. Then you bring this update… and it’s broken?
I can’t make sense in that. Really… I just hope in this particular time, this particular problem is fixed. Because our efforts must hold value, if you want to keep the game going and if you don’t want to keep losing players, this time, you must do right. Fix it, it’s all we ask.


Same thing happened on Phlegethon today. Also, had one we pushed into conflict and then we couldnt declare. Really feeling the burnout.


This is unbelievably frustrating. Our company has worked very hard to play this game as it was intended, and to have issues with the game cost us all our hard work and time three times in the same week is entirely unacceptable. I want my Ebonscale war on Opona back so that we can actually fight this war without unplanned server downtime, void gauntlet lag, and then server crashes.


@Kay can this major issue get some attention?? The Opona server has gone into maintenance multiple time Saturday evening through the night…


This sucks. I know. I can’t speak to any make goods unfortunately, but I can tell you that we have been working nonstop to get the root issue resolved. We believe we have a fix, which is going through some testing overnight, and then we are deploying it to some worlds in US West to make sure it’s a significant improvement.

It’s going to take some time, but the time this fix spends in US West is critical before we take it worldwide.


any word on Bouiminea on US east. The server has crashed twice and time skipped once. Yet no one ever comments on the bug report for that world. not a good look at all


The devs are actively working on the issue, so we can’t respond to every forum post on it.

When did the skew happen? Was it rolled back? Looks like it’s been up for a bit now, but we will continue to keep an eye on it and all the other worlds.



We understand you cannot fix everything overnight.

We grinded for hours and our members are losing faith in confidence in the game as our wars have been plagued with server errors. I’m sure you can understand that as 60+, end game war content not working means we have little to work towards. We have been slowly losing interest in our 50+ Company.

Making Good would be reinstating the War on OPONA at Ebonscale Between Golden Trading Company and Salt Team 6 on Sunday at 930 PM, or what ever ST6’s siege window is on Sunday.

The server time skipped several days once on Friday evening and twice back to back on Saturday evening around 9 PM.

If this war is lost to server errors also I fear our members will be consumed by the holiday activities, never to return.


@Kay You have less than 12 hours to make this right. Good luck.


Are you guys working on getting GM tools that let you just edit the towns back live yet?


I don’t want changes, I just want the game to work. Idk why it’s so funny to just want the game to work.

Enjoy professionally trolling. :heart:

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@Kay who can speak to the make goods? We have really been enjoying this game but I’m struggling to keep my company members playing after this. Some of them literally have 20+ hours of time spent working towards something wiped away in a flash due to this issue. We aren’t looking for game breaking make goods here. We don’t want absurd amounts of gold or items. We would really just like a way to set the influence back to war declaration as was done with all our time in the first place.

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