OPR, Arena and Healer. Imbalance

We all know that in OPRs the amount of healers ends up delivering overwhelming wins/losses, all the time. In arenas the presence of healers means that most of the time the ring of fire ends up deciding the fight.

Let’s face it, the healer build is made to work in DUNGEONS and WARS, and that’s why it creates an imbalance in OPR and Arenas.

It’s not until the middle of the year that we’re going to have cross-servers and during that time it’s impossible for developers to add MATCHMAKING with so few players, it would take too long or on unpopulated servers they would never come out.

We need an OPR and Arena without a healer, an alternative one without removing the original, to be tested for at least ONE HOUR A DAY, so that the developers can see with their own eyes how badly the healer is made, and that it is not built for all PVP scenarios.


I’m fine with this concept for 3s, but wouldn’t a healer balance (in terms of like say 3 healers required for each team) in OPR be better? Without healers in OPR your essentially telling any medium/heavy melee and support builds there is no reason to queue, as without healers these builds will not have fun and ranged builds will just dominate


everyone screaming they want opr without healers will just die 40 times and then never play the mode again. most of you people cant even properly dodge and without healers you cant last 3 seconds in a fight.


maybe OP needs to become a healer then.

Of course it would be great if the devs put MATCHMAKING on OPR and arenas, but with the low population on some servers making it unfeasible, and cross servers will take months to arrive.

The reality is that healers are made to heal a lot of damage, which is why they work in DUNGEONS and are essential in WARS.

It is also clear that without applying the PTR patch, range builds will initially have advantages, we have to start with something, IF WE DO NOT TEST ALTERNATIVES, everything will continue to be just as bad.

Precisely what I propose is that ONLY ONE HOUR a day these OPR and arenas without a healer (without taking out the original versions)

So just a healer hating post

I only play healer and you are saying I should not be in oprs???

I’m talking about an alternative version, ONE HOUR A DAY, without removing the original version.
If they want to place it at a time other than Peak time, that’s fine, the point is to test.

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Perhaps the only thing I’ve ever agreed with from you.

Absolutely despise healers on this game. (My wife heals, but she knows my hate for it)

1 hour a day thing is kinda weird, but I’m always supportive of nerfing healers in any way.

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I understand healers, and I know that if I propose more than an hour it’s too much for them, but MUST BE TESTED, and if it is as I think it will be, it will prove that the healers’ build is made for dungeons and wars exclusively.

Well if that was how it is that would be amazing without bows and muskets for one hour a day, that would be the only time i played LOL

may i ask what class you main??

this post is just to hate on healer, nothing less nothing more

On OPR issue is not the healer itself. But fact that one side has way more than other. So lack of match making.

In 3vs3 premade you can deal with healer, but its not fun.
Issue is with solo 3vs3. If you are not lucky to have team composition and decent players you lose. You can also get own healer - then it depends. In solo q healer does affect game to much couse you dont know team composition and its harder to coordinate with randoms.

I queue as a solo healer so what he is saying is i should not be allowed to play for an hour a day this post is a troll post and pointless

Cross servers and match making we need from the first day of the game

Of course it would be great if the devs put MATCHMAKING on OPR and arenas, but with the low population on some servers making it unfeasible, and cross servers will take months to arrive.

Thats why we will have to deal with unballanced teams in both pvp modes. There is not way around it. And cross server OPR is coming this summer. So not that far away.

Fortify is getting gutted, people are going to get blown up while standing on Sacred Ground faster than ever. Orb of protection And Fortifying Sacred are incredibly weak now.