OPR Balance Possibility

Far fetched that you think they can create a group finder that works? ooooor?

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Lol, Milky, gotcha. rabble - i was kind of wishful thinkin maybe if people knew that it would be more balanced they would be more apt to queue, but, wishful. And warrax, true.

You know the guy who made the thread got banned? New World Forums - A community for Adventurers

Yeah its rough out here for us trying to give AGS valuable and constructive feedback. They really don’t want to hear it at all. Its true like mike is saying, this game is basically in maintenance mode at this point. They’re focusing on bringing out transmog because transmog will make the current content in the game more replayable since people will want to collect transmog gear.

Its a pretty simple way for them to create “New” content without actually doing much work.

What you have suggested OP has already been suggested many times and everyone agrees with you. This is the OBVIOUS sollution to the opr balance issue.
But it will never ever happen…

The problem is many suggestion have been made in the past and nothing ever came from it.

I, myself, have suggested the group finder portion of your idea a month or two ago.

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They just need to create a better OPR map and scoring system… the balancing also need rework else no one would want to play some of the roles.

In an ideal world this suggestion will work best but it is hardly workable. First they need cross server and cross FS legacy and cross region OPR before it can be possible.

Wow… once again, left speechless by AGS.

Yep ikr. I wonder how long it took him to write that thread tbh. it was very thourough. the suggested changes he made were super insightful and took into account the perspective of all playstyles not just his own.

then they yeeted and deleted his thread and banned the guy. Thanks for providing constructive feedback rofl. AGS just want us to kiss their ass and tell them good job for their minimal effort.

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Maybe he was banned for other reasons. I mean it’s good piece of work but he was slightly trolling with the post with fake news right?

Kinda I guess. But he didnt actually intend for it to be fake news. It was just his suggestions delivered in a new format I suppose.

I think at this point it is pointless to try to improve this game with our feedback though. We’re pretty much just wasting our time.

The devs are so far out at sea, so far from land they forgot land even exists. It is what it is.

tons of great new games and mmos coming out in 2023. We’re all just here for the waiting room experience anyways. I’m not gonna buy any more store skins is all I know. This ship deffo be sinkin!

It’s never futile to feedback. Maybe they are really watching Twitter more than the actual forum. Have hope! It’s Xmas. They probably hear us but hands are tied.

Maybe you’re right. I don’t have much hope though… I think PvE will get a lot of new content in the future. But for the PvP side of things it seems like the ship has sailed and sunk.

PVP can wait for cross server OPR and leaderboard.
The new timing slot also meant for open world pvp

I guess man. I wish I could have your hopium but my spark died out when that roadmap announced. Leaderboards arent ranked mode which is what we were actually wanting. Idk if leaderboards are anything to even be hyped about tbh.

cross server wont change anything for me, im on a high pop server. Its good for those stuck on dead servers sure.

But all of these things are still 8+ months away. And in 8 months I think the majority of pvp players have moved on to a new game. I wont name any titles because I dont want to get my post removed again.

Cross server and leaderboards don’t change the fact that the opr map isn’t good.

It favours range too much as it is so open, people complain about range dmg but they aren’t that much of a problem in terms of pure numbers, a decent healer can sustain through it.

The problem lies with the ease of ranged attack because apart from the outpost walls there isn’t much cover around.

Around mid at moon side is a massive problem and exiting the spawn towards home base is a problem also on both sides.

To avoid ranged DPS from spawn you literally have to use a side gate and sneak around the edge of the map. And at moon side only the far spawn gate is viable.

Just bad map design.

this is an interesting idea modeled after the expedition group finder already in place. i could see this working if you weren’t able to switch your gear once you queue though…and even with that, who is the host checking gear to see if it even matches the role selected?

i would LOVE some sort of matchmaking for opr! maybe more with solo queued vs groups. so like 3v3 arenas match 3s with 3s, gotta split up the 5 stacks, then 4 stacks, 3/2/solo. or even strictly solo queue, mixed, and strictly 5 stacked. definitely would struggle with current server/opr situations. could see this working when opr is regional.

Ah yes I forgot that part. Your weapons are determined by the role. If you pick heavy you are limited to sns and 2 handers. Dps melee or dps mage, ranged bow/musket+1 non life staff weapon, healer life staff + 1 weapon. This was just my thought for an opr balance with the current map.

I totally agree and many different arena modes. Really don’t understand why duos quads and squads aren’t a thing. The foundation is there just have to make the match options haha.

As far as the map balancing and different opr maps I had a rather successful post a while back that talked about the map and how it is a ranged setup. They need either more structure, hallways to the fort entrance, maybe a few higher spots on the walls to block ranged, and different maps in generals and modes.

I dunno. I really like this game. When the mutations run out all that is left are chests runs hoping for something to sell. I love the pvp,l combat, even tho I am not that great, and that is whats left after mutations are done.

I dont think limiting people weapons is the solution. But it can also work out.

The biggest issue in OPR is that OPR score scaling is MAINLY based on DMG!
When they will reduce points for DMG or implement DMG TAKEN points aswell, it would motivate tanking builds to be used in OPR.
Until then just pew pew for the points.

There is much to say about improving OPR fight for points but I got tired writing it over and over.

I already talked about this ! I think you got inspired by it !!
hopefully get some recognition for it. :smiley:

I have been an advocate against locking weapons because of the way the game is designed as a classes game. But I am at the point now where where I realize the only true way to balance is to have limited numbers of certain weapons. I also highly agree with the point system. Way too many points are rewarded for damage and assists. I primarily run heavy in OPR, and i go after the objectives. I am on that point until it is capped. When I play like that I am usually in the low 20’s to 30’s. Even if the point systems are changed your are just going to see a new meta. Tanks slugging on each other for the entire match. Which I am down for haha. But I know that is not everyone else’s play style.

Reward to much for damage taken, points, and time on point you know have a bunch of healers and a bunch of tanks. Not very exciting for the light guys and mages.

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