OPR Ban - have some tolerance time to re-join after DC/Game crash

Hey all,

basically just that. For whatever reason, OPR is the only place where the game occasionally crashes for me. I do enjoy the mode and really always make sure to respect my teammates and fight till the end, even if the match is basically lost.

What I cannot stand is when the game crashes after being 20+ minutes in, only to relog 2 minutes later with a 1-hour ban and no rewards.

I agree that “leavers” should have some type of punishment, but it would be great to have some tolerance in the time one can re-join an ongoing OPR, let’s say within the next 2-3 minutes or so (the time to relog) after being kicked out of the game.

hope this can be considered.




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I agree! People are able to join in the middle of a game anyways, so just give people a few freebies before locking them out for an hour. It is absurdly annoying that you’ll get a 1hour timer for a regular opr because your WiFi crashed for 1 minutes.

agree’d there should be rejoin ability … just extend the reconnect time a few more minutes… on discord with team members that DC since update in OPR some times now. and they keep getting the 1 hour 15 minute lockout. they log off and stop playing for the day. they dont DC from discord so its a NW side problem…

There is nothing more annoying than this delay. They could even have it reduced for one death and they could give people 90 seconds to rejoin the Same opr. There should be a punishment but they should get 1 freebie or make it 5 minutes with a warning screen, and then the second one is 20 minutes and the third is and hour, but they need to give players at least one chance at redemption before tacking an hour long delay on them.

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