OPR Base needs multiple exits

The oposing team being able to lock you in your base does not provide fun and engaging gameplay, an exit on each of the walls would solve this issue (keep the doors those are great)

The whole idea of implementing the wall is bad. Like how couldn’t they plan this outcome?

They should have put an invisible wall blocking ennemies but not allies (same for projectiles) AND, of course like you said, implementing multiple exits like a lot of others PvP games.

Or even some kinds of turrets blasting lazers or something to ennemies approaching too close.

Actually, what they need to do is place 2 brutes near the fort entrance so that the brutes keep the opposing team far away from the entrance. Make these brutes invincible. That would definitely stop the entrance camps. Well, except maybe if the entire enemy team is using muskets or bows, but how likely is that.

being able to shoot thru the doors would be a big help also

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