OPR boxes are amazing

i had 280 saved up. i got 17 legendary weapons, and 35 legendary armor pieces. id say 10 of them are bis. got some con/resil/shirk fort/shirk energy pants. resil+shirk fort+refreshing on 2 pieces, resil+shirking fort+freedom on 2 pieces. a thwarting strikes+chain ice+sundering shockwave hammer… very worthwhile to play opr now imo, any of these items woulda been worth gold cap last patch easily


Yea, I’ve opened 294 and I got a lot of great stuffs.

I’ve noticed a lot of Shirking Fortification drop rate.

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Yeah, you gotta love how you simply get the same gear others got by grinding insane amounts of money to buy single pieces by simply playing OPR for some time and saving some boxes

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its another option to get decent gear for pvp, is that wrong?


So you think people who literally spend thousands of hours getting their perfect or not even a BiS set deserve to literally get all their progress invalidated by the fact that people can no get all the gear they have with next to no effort? Do you think that this is fair in any way?

Most players, at this point, don’t “grind” money.

1 of 2 scenarios.

They’re part of a large company that owns profitable territories, and they roll the pieces to improve their war roster.

OR they buy gold from gold farmers and the same mega companies that make copius amounts from owning the top territories. They then use the gold for rolls or to buy already crafted pieces of gear.

Some do it legit, most don’t. Don’t think many players realize how bad, and common, real world trading is atm.


Ye I got like 3 legendary resilient / shrinking fort / refreshing or vigor . Open your opr chests quick before they nerf the number of legendary you get

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name one lol.
pve people do that so its normal game mode for them, grind and make money.
pvp people make money in wars.
free , easy money.
this is best decision game has made.
now everyone can have bis gear
and lil wars n shit people that like it can still do it but for no real rewards only for bragging rights.
and thats more then fine.


They had the same opportunity


i dont think they will nerf it.
they had enough of people complaining about the wars and companies.
now there is no reason.
u get nothing from wars and cities.

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Except millions of gold ( huge Kapp lol )

that you cant buy shit with.

Why ? You can buy anything that is on TP

Everyone freaking out needs to chill… When you open 250 boxes and have 10 or so BIS items that’s a 1 in 25 chance at a bis item… I don’t know many people who run 25+ OPRs in a week.


pvp rewards plus boxes its quite nice.
i get bis gear in 2 weeks tops.
gold is just for pots and thats cheap.

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Yea exactly and there is like 85% chance that your BIS item is for a class you don’t even use either


If anyone complains about this they are 100% the type that wasted 1000s on RMT :joy:

This is how it should be grinding PVP rewards you with PVP rewards… woah


yes, because i played hundreds of hours of opr for it


How dare you?! Getting rewards for your time spent in game not spamming mutations and gathering mats… you should be ashamed


I always just opened my caches like a dumb dumb.