OPR boxes are amazing

their gear is still better than 99% of the player base so its not invalidated, they just chose to grind their brains out and rush to the finish line first

so yes i think this is fine


its the price of being first.

they dont lose their gear because someone else got one just like it for less “effort”


So did I. I didnt even knkw about this change tbh but its well received

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To think the entire system that made 900k people quit would never change is kinda nutty.

The sentiment is present but there was no way it wasn’t going to change. The frustration is understood.


Cough Cough Dupe and Shell Companies Cough Cough

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Don’t worry.

It’s still ass to level. Somewhere around 150k.

Can I get anything from salvaging gear from opr box or should I wait till they fix it ? Edit : I probably salvaged 20-30 items from opr cache exclusively and didn’t get anything apart from gold , nothing about the new salvaging stuff


Hundreds of matches is plenty of time spent grinding. Thats hundreds of hours of logged play time.

The gear never should have cost as much as it did or have been that rare. It was a system designed for a tiny player base and the devs finally woke up a bit to making gear acquisition not as idiotic.


Your progress isn’t invalidated, you still have your stuff. And ya’ll keep talking about competition, well now more people have access to not terrible gear, so more competition! I don’t know why you’re so upset, it’s not like your gear cost you real money, right?

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