Opr brute is the dumbest mechanic in the game

just get rid of the brutes, you know they ruin opr, they hinder your own team by blocking doors and running and jumping in front of you while attacking…most of the time ending in you missing, tracking away and someone else coming up behind you and done.

they completely lag out a 50m radius around them, thier pull is ridiculous, it tracks halfway across the map making them useless if someone is just kiting it.

replace with something that isnt the size of a building, we’re trying to pvp not chest run elites


just remove the PvE aspect from this PVP mode and you have finally fixed OPR (mmmbesides movement bugs and weapon swithcing)



Just wait till next patch…

They are making it so brute summon stone drops on the floor if you die.

As in, now your team can farm the brute just to hand the enemy a free win just by them picking up the summon stone when ur dumb teammate gets killed trying to take it to the summon idol.


that’s cool indeed, but then the brute is harrasing the other team.
We want OPR free of Brutes, We dream about a True PvP mode.

I think letting the enemy steal your brute after you spend 10 minutes farming him is very very lame addition.

They should just remove the brute at this point. And hem in the map and make it smaller.

Also players should only drop half their azoth when they die. For someone to farm 750 azoth and die and just hand it all to the enemy is so toxic. Players should only drop half their azoth that waay you arent handing enemies complete brutes that you spent all the time farming for.

I have some questions before I send feedback to the developers.

How would the gameplay experience in Outpost Rush improve without the brutes?
Would you replace this mechanic with a different mechanic (pve or not, any answer is fine!)
If not for a complete removal, how would you tweak the brutes to fit the Outpost Rush gameplay style better?

Looking forward to your feedback :thinking:

If im not mistaken brutes dont even pull anymore. This player seems to be running an outdated version of New World. I think a perma ban is required.


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Brutes would be better removed because right now 1 person, left lone, can farm 2 or 3 brutes and win the game all by themselves almost.

Its like a sneak attack where 1 person beats 20 people. The brute farm segregates the players, most outpost fights never even see the brute farmers until suddenly a brute appears at a summoning idol. Its like the brute farm is a little mini-game that can instant win. It feels like when someone just plays an Exodia God Cards down in Yu-Gi-Oh and just instantly wins the game.

Just switch it to 2 outposts instead of 3, get rid of the brutes, and make each match last 15-20 minutes instead and I would have way more fun.

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MAYBE if they put in a player highlight system. Like if a person has 200 Azoth then they show up on the map as a skull so players can hunt them down. Along with players only dropped HALF their Azoth on death instead of the full pile. Instead of brute farmers just being hidden until the Brutes appear.

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1 the brutes block acces to the door of the outpost, if there is a brute in each door of the same outpost it pratically became impossible to enter
2 the brute is spammming his ability where he creates the ^meatball^ and he keep repeating it
3 it follows you from outpost to outpost

Now i understand, you are clearly not a PvP player or an outpost player at all, lol

This a very good idea!

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You must not be aware of what /s means. Ive played plenty of OPR. You clearly havent touched a melee weapon.

Its NW funeral with your ideas. Ive got other games so i dont really care.

simple its PVP not PVE, adding PVE elements to PVP is a hit and miss thing, rather you have an entire PVP experience than 50% of both.

Basic Team Death match is far superior than having annoying elements like Brute and PVE which honestly hurts more than you think, just imagine fighting two or 3 guys and trying to run away or fight back and from nowhere a dumb ass monster NPC starts messing shit up, its ruining what could be a great experience, its not fun when an idiotic monster with a bow starts shooting you while you try to survive or fight back.

you can also reduce the number of players to 5v5 or 6v6 or at best 10v10 and people would enjoy that far more because its less chaotic, we already have wars which is huge team battle no need to make OPR the same.

you can add Capture the Flag elements as well, i mean Shooting game pretty much gave you a huge template of which you can take and copy in terms of battle categories, i mean you can even make up a PVP of random weapon and have everyone start with that and keep switching until the winner, also Free for all, throw in 10 or so people and the one with the most kills after a certain time wins or until he reaches a certain amount of kills

the more people there are the more chaotic it gets and it sometimes pisses people off more than fun, Wars are fun because people talk and interact but its still a huge mess, the more people there are the more variable there are that can destroy Fun → Lag is the number 1 thing.

if you trully want to put PVE into PVP then you need to prioritize PVE instead of PVP for it to be fun, for example have a mode where you have 2 or more teams and the mission is to kill the Main Boss and the route to this boss also has multiple Mini bosses, both team would go through the same route but also interact meaning a fight breaks to stop the other team from going any further since the one who kills the final boss = winner, of course one team can be better and faster meaning they can likely never even meet the other team due to speed, or even leave traps behind or team mates to take care of anyone coming from behind, you can also have several ways to get into boss rooms if you have many teams in the mode, of course limiting Lives has to be done as well.


So go play em, cause you are not adding anything valuable here.

The Brute in OPR has to be the greatest idiocy that exists in this game. At least the baroness has a duration timer. This thing is spawned with PvE Hp, can be summoned multiple times over, and is overall an extreme nuisance. If that nonsense is going to remain in OPR at least for the love of christ give it conditions.

Damn thing should have

  1. A 3 minute duration.
  2. Cost should be 1000 azoth considering how annoying it is.
  3. Only 1 per team.

Or give it conditions or take it out.

With or without brute, opr is garbage, waste of time

I’ve been meaning to say this. I can’t stress how annoying spawning mobs in OPR is. OPR is supposed to give us PVP players some PVP action. Why is there a laggy brute throwing gigantic boulders at me through walls and causing me do die when I was rolling someone in PVP? I really can’t stand it. It ruins OPR for me. I do it for my daily wins and thats it. It’s really a shame.

There’s plenty of ways to add more PVE content. It shouldn’t be cutting into PVP content.

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its become clunky beyond belief and and then having knockdown and stun pve just adds to the problem

there’s major issues with the mechanics as is, pots dont pot, switches dont switch, and then when your lagging and cast ability only to have it cancellled and left sitting there like a duck…

or casting the wrong ability because switch doesnt check client side before casting and mismatches equipped vs whats being casted

potions need to cancel every player action we have, when i pot it needs to pot, healouts would not be a bad thing imo

do something with weapon switching also, the delay is too much, often times have to switch 3-4 times because it lags behind with in game lag…slowing it down is not working its making it worse

now after all that, a few people have hit the nail on the head already, we are there to pvp, not pve…

certain aspects are fine, the farming mobs for gathering and upgrades…but having something that makes a 50m radius unbearable to play in is ridiculous

also completly screwed the game with the latest spear mod…lets make a weapon that just moves people around stunned untill they die…

not to mention how SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW the game is…in the middle of a fight i spend most of my time screaming at the screen because every action is 1-2 seconds behind what im inputting

You are right, their pull was removed WEEKS ago. You can tell this guy doesn’t play OPR only whine on forums without actually trying the mode first lOL.

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