OPR Bugged, Died and couldnt rez So banned for over an hour

I was in an OPR and i got killed as you do in these things ( No getting killed is Not the issue lol ) I couldn’t Rez at all, i couldn’t select anything, clicking the rez button did nothing at all, it was Bugged, And then the Game has the cheek to Kick me out for being AFK??? NO I WAS BLOODY WELL NOT AFK, your game was bugged and i couldn’t do a damn thing, and now im Banned for over an hour because your Game was bugged??? Why the Hell should i be punished because your game is buggy and prevented me from rezing??

Same thing happened to me the other day. It wouldn’t let me select a spot to respawn. I just exited to main menu then reconnected. If you close completely out of game it kicks you from OPR. I made a post saying they should give people a longer period of time to reconnect because there are SO many bugs they wont fix that sometimes you need to restart the game just to fix issues.

I would have loved to do that…BUT Escape wouldnt work…pressing it did nothing, no menu, clicking rez did nothing…Pressing N to look at scoreboard worked fine…So i could look at that just fine, but nothing else…NO lag Nothing…Just Ui was totally bugged rez not working at all, and then Kicked out for being AFK…What a bloody insult. wasted my 40con buff food which aint cheap on my server

If you Ctrl+alt+del your game and end task it doesn’t kick you from the OPR. Yes it’s stupid but that’s a work around at least.

It’s happened to me twice, and doing Ctrl + alt + Delete and ending task to shut down new world and restart does kick from Opr… I tried that yesterday and it kicked me out…I didnt report it yesterday as i assumed it was a one off, Oh maybe it was my pc Thing…But after people from my guild having had the same issue and having it again today, yeah this needs reporting and needs fixing

As of last patch I was using that to fix it, I guess it no longer works? I think it does need fixing for the record, was just offering an alternative that had worked for me in the past.

Oh i appreciate it, it’s just i had already tried that hehe, but thanks all the same.

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