OPR changes I would like to see

I’m sure some of this has been raised before:

  • Make it so sniping the Baroness is not possible. Add a rock in front of both entrances. Some zero risk player hiding in bushes should not be able to flip the game so easily.

  • Tone down the particles. Half the time I am fighting blind. All I see is a ball of particle effects. Knock it back at least 50%.

  • Color code the particles red and blue for aoe effects such as heals and ice shower/storm.

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The best change that can be made is this. It is the ability to distinguish the “skills” of enemies and allies. Not understanding who is “healing”. The opr is the worst thing.


Mob is called the ‘baron’.
Have you ever played league of legends and stole a Baron? It’s part of the game and it’s fun.

They already nerfed the possibility to do this when they blocked the way up though the surrounding rocks and added sky box.



If most players weren’t brain dead, and would make the effort to anti snipe by watching the doors, this would happen less.

I try my best to stop snipers by sitting at the door near the mines, but can’t watch both.

As many bows as there are currently, you’d figure atleast a few would be smart enough to be cautious.

Hell, you can time a maelstrom towards the end of baron, and stop all incoming projectiles. Most would rather just cry about it being sniped…

Yes but some simply lay down and wait to the last seconds to pop up and do their massive burst. You have put in the effort to clear the area but there is some dude hiding way out of range.

Snipe is ok from a range where others can see you. Not from 100m away laying down behind a bush.

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