OPR consumable feedback

Hello everyone,
For now this post was written on my phone which can explain some auto-corrections

There has been enough feedback to OPR brutes and baroness but I have not seen enough about the consumables so here are my point of view:

Basically my main problem is:
At the moment getting consumables is boring. We kill mobs, grab azoth then we run back to an outpost and buy potions foods and whatever.
This breaks the battleflow on a timed activity.
It doesn’t feel good to go back to your first outpost before participating in the battle for SUN.

My main reccomendation is to simply overhaul the system, I leave some suggestions from the too of my head:

  1. Endless supplies on OPR; just get rid of the whole thing, rune down azoth gains if need be compensate;
  2. Retaining half the azoth you had and being able to spend it during death screen( may or not be lost when you respawn);
  3. Having a consumable bundle for 75 azoth that buys 1 food and 10 health pots and equips them(more on this after).

Specif feedback
OPR potions:

  1. Why can we only stack 10?

Seems a bit on the weak side now but I understand the nerf.

Regarding the 3. Suggestion. Just “equip” stuff when we buy it in OPR. I certainly don’t want to buy ephemeral health pots to leave them in my inventory. It’s just boring and time consuming to click and drag every single thing every single time.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

0 views? Come on… Help me out :slight_smile:

I do OPR for the coin and azoth. Don’t care about winning. Other rewards are meh! I use my own food before I go in and if it runs out part way through. Tough. I die quicker.

OPR is not competitive at all. It’s an absolute shitshow. Don’t waiste your time with the small print. Stick to the bigger picture.

I end up doing that as well. Using my own foods.
But I still believe that the system could have been done in a better, simpler, easier way.
As it is it’s just clunky and boring and some people end up( like us) using their own consumables even though there are ways to get specific ephemeral consumables.

Actually, I’d like to see them remove the food and potion consumables from OPR (and not allow any food or health potions to be used at all – including stuff you bought or crafted). Let PvP focus on just PvP; if you want heals, get to a healer. Otherwise, take your hits and come back for more.

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