OPR, DO NOT let people sign up to OPR as a group

Everyone is going with 2 pocket healers, 5 muskets or all bows… dont let people sign up as a group

Fix the respawn bug that wont let you release, or have an unstuck option for OPR since we have to get banned for 1 hour because the bugs.

Also consumables should be free in OPR IMO though.


yeah no, if u dont like solo queueing then make a group, simple. Dont drag everyone else down with you lmao


OPR is feeling like another exploited stacked deck scenario. Disable group join and get us more healing diversity. easy


Christ ya’ll complain about anything.


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i bet youre one of those people that loves to mass report muskets … lul

Everyone except whatever team you happen to be on or…?

It does cause balancing problems. If there are 4 premades in the lobby, and the game divides them up so 2 are on one team and 2 are on the other, it would probably be fine. But when all the premades in the lobby end up on the same team it’s not fun for anyone.


Opr needs group finder to let people form their own parties even if they play alone

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adramus when i see your name in orefena. i always reported you

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That revive bug most of the times appear if u report ppl to often.

Group sign-up is like a paradox … is good sometimes when play with friends, is so broken when a company reach 2 party inside the same team.
Maybe if there would be solo queue and group queue. But then would appear issues with groups that arent 5 ppl, then some teams might end up with 38-39 vs 40.

this is literally an issue with all games with pvp multiplayer. unless of course u go the battle royale route of setting up solos duos trios and quads, but u think ags can code that without breaking everything? lmao. Its supposed to be casual, overbalancing a casual game mode is a waste of time tbh

All you need is for AGS to add AOE hard CC that last 5 to 8 seconds and is unbreakable unless damage is taken . Also 3 to 5 second stuns that don’t break for anything , single target . Give the healers a single target purge/cleanse and let some small man action happen . Games dead anyway , they might as well try to retain some PvP players…most of the combat mechanics in PVP are an afterthought at best , the way they stand now …

Solo queue = sigma male

"I’m incapable of making friends or finding others that would like to play this video game with me. Therefore no one else should be allowed to play with their friends either because it’s not fair that even though we’re playing an MMO (the genre that is built upon social interaction) I instead choose to play alone and so everyone else must conform to my play style and play the way I want them to "

Basically what you’re asking for

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Always hilarious watching hardcore mmo fans use this argument while in reality for the majority of players it is “I either get to que solo and have fun or quit”

But hey, never said hardcore players ever had ideas that are popular for the majority of players.

Forcing groups into people’s throats never works and never will

I like solo queue for the randomness. I understand the enjoyment of queuing with acquaintances. Though, it usually makes one sided results. Not all the time though. So idk… Not a fan of it overall. In terms of consumables, I just get 100-150az each game & get 10-15 potions, and 10-15 bread.
Sure I have to use my own honing stone & stat food, but I like that sort of. Not many people use them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Group it’s not a problem.
The problem is that teams in OPR often are not balanced.
You can have like 10 healers in Team RED, and like 2 healers in team BLUE, and You’re screwed.

So thr problem aren’t groups itself, it’s no balance from the game. OPR should have mechanics that is checking what weapons are joining, and try to make it equal in both teams.

then solo queue, simple. Solo queueing really isnt that bad, ive been doing it for a while as I dont really feel like reaching out to people on my friends list to OPR. it literally doesnt matter but dont complain that you want to solo queue a teamplay game mode then get mad that other players actually play with their buds or even their company mates.

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and also, im not a hardcore mmo fan, im just someone who isnt bad and can hold their own solo queuing, or if I need to, I can reach out to people instead of being anti social. Dont lump me into a category that im not in for using a brain.