Opr expirience summirized in 3 min video

The video speaks for itself, Eternal glory “MPV” of the game using a musket(What a surprise) but it literally has no perks is a gray musket, which makes it more ridiculous, archers climing on everysingle rock so when you try to climb the shoot you and drop you down and if you don’t try it they’ll fck u up from there anyways. By the way, all ranged play in light good luck chasing one in medium or heavy, 3 rools givign them 50 meters distance and then rapier evasion skills, they turn shoot you 3 times you’re dead. Medium armor it feels it has 0 chase potential, mele with light unless used with hachet is perma death in big brawls and heavy makes even less sense.

Small clip of what happened.

Btw, whoever trys to blame the situation on the fact that I’ve a void guantlet which I took once we got cought in the spawn to mem, try to get a brain as clearly you’re lacking it.


Why not use the side doors ?


So I waste 3 mins going arround to end up been in the same huge brawl, or finding myself having to climb a mountain to catch the archer that is spawnkilling us to then while climbing get hit and die?

What if you didn’t lose stamina if you dodged something?

But, yes, the PvP in new world is not worth playing anymore.

Then light armor would be even more meta than now because there would no use for any other armor if you can i-frame

AGS as listen the community about OPR in the few month of the game and leave it behind after that - now they pretty much saying to all players to play dex ( archer/musket) otherwise you cant do anything (playing like a rats is the meta now unfortunately) - until musket/bow received a massive nerf to they dmg nothing will be change overall + nobody wish to fight as real people anyway only running and running the moment they take a single percentage of damage its really a same how the game turn for the worst. Play dex and play like rat or quit the game is what ags is trying to say to every player

Irony alert.

Do you mean bows/musket have to play melee to “fight as real people”?


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