OPR false lockout and other stuff

Look. I get it, every game has bugs. This one has… a bit more. Even after a major “bug fix” which seemed a bit more like balancing than bug fixing. But W/E.

But when I am playing OPR, using a fiber op connection that rivals that of most modern hospitals, and your silly application “LAG DETECTED” crashes me out in the middle of an OPR, while I am just trying to move around, and locks me out of OPR for an hour…

There’s no excuse. You can easily detect server side lag and NOT apply the temp OPR lockout. That’s not a new feature in instance sharding/programming. Been a thing for at LEAST a decade.

That latest video where the guy said he’s one of the QA guys, and the state of the game is “good” needs to be fired ASAP. He’s either not doing his job, or just not in touch with reality.
He’s old enough to be my dad, and I’m not young at all, and probably wouldn’t know quality if you slapped him with a piece of Wagyu Beef. (Also, in my leadership seminars that I have given, I emphasize how ‘good’, is the opposite of “great”. Good is basically a shortened term for barely acceptable/passable.)

You are losing players by the dozens every day, and all you need to do to fix that is listen to the players, maybe even hire a few of them that actually know what they are talking about, because CLEARLY there is still a major disconnect somewhere.

I don’t want more content, I am not even through the present content, and I have played since 1st beta. Granted, I eat work and sleep like most normal people, so I probably don’t have 18 sets of BiS gear all maxed out and every quest done. (I haven’t been a deadbeat 20 something year old for some time now.)

It’s BECAUSE I am the average type of player that I am writing this… you need to stop and fix the current problems WITHOUT making new ones!! New content is great and all, but will bring new problems too!

I simply just don’t understand how this is allowed to continue in it’s present form, and AGS can’t see that just about everything is a dumpster fire with this game. If I was this horrible at my job, I wouldn’t have it any more, that’s for sure.

At the very least, please please please install something that doesn’t apply the OPR lockout to a server side lag crash. That’s not a big ask in the least!

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