OPR - Groups vs Solos

I think it would be a good idea if these two were split:

  • People who queue’d as SOLOS gets put in a group in OPR, in a different instance
  • People who queue’d as GROUPS gets pit against other people queueing in groups, in a separate instance from solo players.

It’s undeniable that playing with your own company mates or people you know and have been playing with for a long time has an inherently larger advantage than people playing solos. Not to mention as a group, you’re more organized and shot-calling is much more efficient and effective.

This is not the case for solo players, so I think for pre-made groups they ought to be facing against other pre-made groups and solo players against other solo players. This way we can have some balance and there would be less likely one-sided games in OPR.


Since nobody is even complaining about more than 3 OPR instances running simultaneously and creating a backlog in the queue, I doubt there would be enough players currently to have both running.

Or they could reorder the players once 32 players are in it. As it is, you usually have solos at the front of queue, and groups at the back, and the groups end up on the same team.

But this is AGS we are talking about. Bottom of the barrel when it comes to designing and implementing things that would make the game better.

100% absolutely incorrect! 100% of the time when my guild goes to OPR with 2 groups of 5 and they are in same match they are on the opposite side. This is one of the reasons I rarely join them if there’s more that 5 people wanting to do OPR at any given time.

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