OPR is a lot better!

OPR is a lot better now than it was when I first started. Well at least it has had its ups and downs. Currently I feel that OPR is more grounded in combat gameplay, easier to access, and has a return based off time played.

When it comes to the more grounded combat before the last few patches light armor dodge roll was excessive and seemed out of place in New World. After the stamina nerf light armor dodge roll is less frequent and I feel as if the meta is no longer light armor. Even though most player seem to be using light armor it takes a lot more skill and strategy to use it there for most players are not good with light armor.

Also due to the nerfs to healers the team with the most do not have the advantage. Even though having healers is a tremendous help healers can no longer out heal a team that is laying down maximum dps. I feel like both of these combined has cleaned up the combat quite a bit. As far as balancing goes I can not say honestly I have much to be concerned for thing seem to be shaping up quite well.

Second the ease of access has improved with the que from anywhere feature. It appears that more people are willing to participate and players are not locked to hanging around town to que or reque.

Lastly with the new PvP reward track it gives incentive to play PvP and a means to progress. However, the amount you get is still not optimal. Even though running circles in great cleave is not how I would want to spend my time it pays the most. Instead of nerfing PvP mission I think it would be best to Buff other PvP missions based on difficulty, importance, and distance traveled. No body wants to defend great cleave because no one can own great cleave and it benefits everyone to not fight each other. Also buff PvP arenas and OPR a bit more. Right now us pvpers are playing basically for the fun of it all, but I tend to feel a little bothered at the idea that other means pay more like for example great cleave.

Over all I think the state of the game is good, but I still feel like this is a foundation to something better. I think AGS is on the right track and the game will finally move on from this weird identity crisis it found itself in after switching to a more theme park MMO. Good job AGS!

Hi, @smithernest54. The team will appreciate this feedback. I will make sure this gets passed along to them! :slightly_smiling_face: