OPR is almost always a steamroll since the changes

Anyone else notice that most games are complete steamrolls since the changes? Why is that?

Perhaps eliminating all the PvE stuff as any kind of threat prevents the newcomers from any chance at comebacks?

Premades mixing with randoms? Why on earth is that still going :frowning:

This game mode is awful now.

Even before changes you would only get an even match once in a blue moon, other than that it’s one way or the other. Not exactly sure what they can do to balance it without making things worse whether its gameplay or queues

The base building parts used to be fun. Now just one person can manage that because the NPCs are so worthless - die quickly and pose no threat. IMHO just take out the bear/ghast/brute and let this be a PVP thing purely, the PVE folks can go do dungeons.

The original way was more fun IMHO. This is just sweatlords decimating PVP novices.


Should only be a Capture the Point with less PVE in it.
But Baroness make sense in a way that when she appeared, both score are locked till she is dead and then only the loser are being locked for the determined period.

There is a lot of hate for the PvE side of things such as brutes, baron etc. But I personally like the mix up of things, I think there could be an alternative game mode for purely pvp without the pve action that way it gives players more of a choice as well. However, some lower pop servers its tough to get OPR queues so I cant imagine what it would be like when there are more options.

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Pre-mades are the biggest issue to balance and fun games in OPR. The game mode would be much better solo queue.

Barring that, they should put the old school brute back in the mode but NOT make it sunmonable. Instead have it spawn only as a balancing mechanism. If one team goes ahead by 200 points spawn a brute at the closest base to the team behind. If a team goes 300 ahead spawn another brute middle. 400 a brute at each.

If the team that’s behind pulls back under a threshold that caused a spawn, then have the brute(s) disappear.


Yeah I did have a thought once upon a time that OPR should be solo queue

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I couldn’t agree more. Like Alterac Valley way back in the day. You could recruit the druids or the dwarves or the huge elementals and it’d actually help you shift the tide.

They need to open expedition, OPR, and any other queues they make to be cross-server. And at the rate they’re merging servers, cross-region too. Then there’d at least be more variety and randomness. I imagine that arenas will shortly be killing OPR on any halfway slow servers.

Since OPR is all PVP’ers have… I guess I can see the commercial reasoning behind AGS catering pretty much solely to them so far. But once arenas and PVP progression go live I think OPR could really stand some attention to be a game mode that everyone can enjoy.

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Id like to see them remove the azoth turn in, replace it with another outpost. Something like this would be 100x more fun IMO:


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Because it is 20v20 random. Have you ever played WoT? Its 15v15, good luck in getting balanced games in a row. Endthere are actually balancing mechanics.

Define fun please, all I see is premade group with healers holding those sides.

100% they need to make it crossserver before adding anything at all.


I haven’t played opr in awhile and got back into it a few days ago. That said, I’ve never seen anyone farm a brute once, something should change that’s for sure.

Thanks god they finaly skiping the worst thing fromwhole OPR.

Well right now, its just a massive zerg on 1 point. If both teams “own” their “home node”. You get the casuals, uncoordinated doing whatever, but ends up being like a 15vs15 all at the “mid” node. So GL.

If you have 4 nodes, it spreads everyone around more, allows for more smaller fights.

Have you played EOTS in WOW? They have a similar thing there - 4 capture points and a flag in the middle. Because of the 5 points of interest, it spreads people around and makes the games more balanced. Even if there is a solid coordinated 5 man team on the enemy team, they may be able to lock down ONE point, leaving 3 available for contesting. Maybe 2 since its hard to have “home node”.

If you have 3 nodes like we have now. Their “home node” is owned, and that 5 man coordinated team holds mid, and then pushes your home node with the rest of the zerg. GG. Faceroll game.

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Y I played wow when it was actually good game, at vanila+TBC, left few days after Wotlk came out. It was one of best pvps back than and maybe u right, it would maybe slightly help, dont think it would change the outcome of 50-1000 genocides tho…

Its the bug exploiters ruining the game. Premades are also more likely to exploit because they are teaming up for an advantage anyway. Before the patch I would place top 6 consistently, but after the patch, I place around 20th while doing more damage due to the grav well bug. People must be going nuts for ~15 kills and 620k damage as a light melee build that sits on points to be 22nd in my casual server.

But I do like the faster opr games.

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