OPR is in the worst state I've ever seen it

That’s it, that’s the post.
I’ve been playing this game since the closed beta, so I’ve been around for a bit.
OPR is in the worst state I’ve ever seen. It’s bad.



100% agreed.

First time in this game, that I legit just don’t want to play it.


Leaderboards yeah

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Same. Everyone i know who used to spam this game every day, everyone plays less and less and some don’t play at all unless there is a war or flat out quit. Devs are so out of touch sadly and seem unwilling to do anything to try to make the game more enjoyable for the players. They rather just let everyone quit and the game just feel unfun and toxic while they have a “massive” patch several months away, vs just do minor tweaks every 2 weeks or once a month to try to improve the game. Everyone i know is just ready to play throne and liberty. People are over the exploits, over the bugs, over the imbalance of weapons and teams. the list is endless.


Yeah, this is the first time since launch where I find myself just not really wanting to play anymore. I’ve endured a lot, and seen the game down bad before, but somehow this feels worse.

In reference to Thone and Liberty, I really wanted to like it, until I saw that it would be P2W. That’s a dealbreaker for me. Same reason I refuse to even download Losk Ark or like titles. Hopefully Diablo IV will turn out to be a huge success, but that doesn’t drop for a while. I really want to see New World succeed. I absolutely love the game, but it is in a really bad state at the moment. I think the devs are wildly disconnected from what it is like being a daily player of this game.


Pay to Advance Faster aka Pay for Convenience is different from Pay to Win. New World is also Pay to Advance Faster. So, I see little difference, even if the Devs in New World are not getting the money, it’s still the same thing. (Either spend thousands of hours grinding for millions of gold or just spend about $700+ on RMT vendors and get the BiS gear in less than 10 hours.)


I agree, OPR is the worst its ever been. Almost every match, one team gets all the points while the other gets wiped then spawnkilled. Part of the problem is a lot of the people queuing for OPR have no intention of playing the objectives of the game modes. They just say things like, “get 500 points and afk”.

Too many players queue opr to either pad their own score for the leaderboards, (which means they dont care about capturing outpost, they only care about getting kills, and avoiding death), or they queue just to farm the loot caches. To the latter group, they think its better if the match ends as soon as possible, so they avoid the match objectives.

I dont have any solutions to suggest, but know that a huge part of the OPR problem is because you have players that only queue up to manipulate their own scores for the leaderboards, and to farm loot caches. If you can figure out some way to get people to actually fight for the gamemode objectives, and want to win the match for the sake of winning, then OPR could improve a lot.


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