OPR isn t Fun, what about these

What is the point to make points when the team killed the other players ?

isn t supposed to be a capture the flag point ?

AGS, you are encouraging Feeding when people just goes in and die non stop cuz they think that is what they have to do in OPR.

So the ennemy team makes a ton of point cuz people are feeding… killed non stop without waiting his teamates.

When Baroness Spawn, Score should already being Blocked and the loser stick to be locked till the end of debuff timer. The point for Baron is to give a chance to the other team to come back but when your teamates are dieing non stop for PVP instead play the OPR … game end so fast that it isn t fun.

Brutes are a nice concept in OPR but why each team have to gather 750 when we can see the count of it, it should be a fact of both team increasing their score and the same score and the last one take the Token like Baroness …

Makes OPR a Flagging Mini Game instead a Killing Meats Place

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