OPR Issues - Kicked Every 2nd Rush

This is getting a bit stupid.

The first couple of times this happened to me, I figured it had to be someone kicking me out of OPR but this is the 4th time in a row and so I think it’s something broken within the game.

I can join and participate in an OPR the first time I sign up. So far, 4/4 times, the very next OPR I sign up for, I gain access and right before it starts, I get kicked out.

  • There is no issue with connectivity or my pings (other than the crappy pings I get from NW servers - but even still, doesn’t make sense that it happens only on the 2nd run).
  • Every single time, I’m not able to rejoin because it says I’ve been kicked so can’t rejoin. (this is dumb)
  • I can’t go to another city and join a different one because it says I’m currently in one.

This has absolutely nothing to do with standing still as I never stand still because people are saying if you do, you get disconnected so I run around and cut up like everyone else in there

None of this makes sense. It’s a damned catch 22 and it’s overly frustrating.

However… If by some chance that I am being kicked 4/4 times only on the 2nd run (haven’t tried a 3rd run after - they’re usually over by then), then people SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO INVITE THEN KICK YOU.

Not only do you waste azoth to get where you’re trying to participate, but you’re spending time and effort to join these things only to be kicked out right at the star or just prior to one leaving you completely abandoned and not able to participate in another.

This also locks you in to where you can’t join one for long periods of time, even after the last has completed.

This needs to be re-thought out and changed up so this doesn’t happen.

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