OPR Mass reporting ban?

Hello all,

I am a musket player (with over 1500 hours of fps, diamond val (not good) and many hours in COD). Of course the new perks and BIS muskets are crazy (hitting roughly 4-5k a shot at full empowerment). Literally got a few oprs, (35-50 kills ea) and got mass reported. Everyone in faction chat was going crazy and then I got a 3 day ban…

“Humans” review these reports… but literally no cheating has occurred. It’s crazy to me people are accusing me of cheating even though I miss many of my shots (you can literally see the bullet trails) fly by. And then it’s especially funny when people are in the open road and you are in shooters stance and they dm you that your cheating. Kind of unbelievable at this point.

So anyone that is doing well in the game can catch a ban just from mass reporting?



MMORPGers don’t understand what good aim is.

Just submit a ban appeal and if it takes a long time before you get anywhere DM a community mod.

Good luck Musket brother

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I know of 4 musket players that have been banned since the servers merging. Many, if not all the bans, seemed to happen after extended OPR sessions. By looking at the forums, in addition to your case, at least 2 other people had issues after playing OPR seen here:

And here

I was recently banned as well. I had a few +50 kill OPR matches the days prior, but I only played one match of OPR (35 kills) the day I was banned. I wanted to play more rounds of OPR, but someone reported me for cheating after my first match, so I decided to not queue up for OPR the rest of the day, which you can see at 33 minutes in this video Twitch. I was too worried about getting banned, hah. I did have some fun in open world pvp before getting banned, though, hah.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s due to “mass reporting” or something else. All the people I know who have gotten banned have been using a mortal empowerment ring and getting +40 kills in OPR. I don’t know if the high damage/kills from 15 stacks is triggering something.

So many people getting banned since the mergers/update is just peculiar. I know some people might suggest that there was an easy anti-cheat update, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. If you look at the clip of above, after playing for +3 hours, I get randomly banned while sitting at rock for 7 minutes waiting for enemies to shoot. That suggests some moderator directly banned my account. I think EAC, looks more like the pictures in this thread, but I don’t know for certain Banned for using the market?

I personally have already reported several musketeers for “strange” behavior to put it in some way and some more uninhibited ones making multiple shots even and that they all hit the target or basically me haha.

Hi knownbug, thanks for taking the time to come to the forums to express your concerns. I will forward this to the Dev team so they can take a look. Take care!

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It’s really not hard to aim in new world. The character movement is slow, you cannot “adad” spam, and most people do not dodge efficiently. I won’t say don’t report people for cheating, but not everyone who has decent aim or hits multiple shots in a row cheats.

I also play shooter and a lot and I have a more or less clear idea where to move and position myself, but even so, there are very strange behaviors in some as I said before, not even in a shooter there is 100% precision in the shots, in fact, much lower ranges are handled, about 60% accuracy of the bullets.

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