OPR QOL and Arenas

I’m sure it’s been suggested but I’m making a post to make sure it is formally suggested.

  1. OPR store. OPR’s are a race to mid and the one who wins mid is significantly more likely to win the whole game due to mid control. This is fine.
  • What’s not fine is requiring us to take the time to farm NPCs to go buy battle Bread and endurance potions forcing us away from the fight in order to be a compelling force in these battles.

  • Even worse is when you lose mid, people quit because there’s no penalty for leaving. Give the penalty back please. OPRs have never been more lopsided.

  • Just put a store at the spawn and start us out with 50 azoth or Battle tokens and award us like you do in wars an invasions. There are stashes we could put potions and consumables in for each fort with extra tokens for teammates.

  • Also, when all these people quit, you get 3 capped and literally can’t get consumables.

  • Why aren’t the potions infused health pots? If they are, then my mistake. Regen and Health potions should be in the store.

  1. Arenas. Can we get a pre-set for potions and honing stones? Even foods? Switching builds is extremely time crunched between rounds. Lengthening the time between rounds would be nice also.
  • Just for casualness, would it be fine to add a 25% healing debuff if the opposing team doesn’t have a healer? At the start of a round before combat starts and locks in gear, the game can automatically give the whole party a 25% healing debuff if the opposing team doesn’t have a healer. It’s a no brainer that the team with a healer wins 99% of the time unless it’s a bad healer.

That is all. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

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