OPR rush and consumable

I think it be better if you prevented outside consumable being used inside OPR there vendor for potions and food so i think having limited amount of consumable based on azoth drops would actualy make OPR more interesting since there be an aspect of denying enemy side currency to puchased the consumable atm peopel can just chug there pots and food from outside so this part of the game gets left untouch (Except for one mob kill to get the better food buffs) but then ur done the whole game.

In my opinion they should simply provide a potion (and a food) that is not consumed when used (but goes into cooldown of course) the moment you enter OPR. So as not to create advantages.

Or simply disable them, but I fear it would create even more problems since very selfish healers often happen in OPR and only usable in it.

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well there a whole shop in OPR that doesnt get utilised much atm since its got consumable on (best food in the game though but 75% of the people dont know it even there it seems.
You have all ur potions in there and some great food it does make them limited due to needing azoth to buy 5 (25 per 5) so you gotta kill some mobs and u might die dropping it before you purchase aswell. Does also mean u gotta weigh up the cost of a brute summon or consumable so there that choice too. Overall i think it make for better gameplay

Imo item use from crafting etc… is one of the only good things about pvp in general for example the moment WoW made engineering do nothing in PvP the game was basically dead to anyone who went specific crafting to gain specific advantages. For instance if your jewelcrfating is up there you might use gemstone dust in pvp. If your armor crafting you might use oakflesh balms. If your weaponsmithing sharpening stones. There’s tons of ways to get an edge currently. Taking those away will make pvp even blander than it already is if that is even somehow possible.

The farming of potions is what I would like to avoid this happening sincerely, offering them immediately would certainly be more balanced.

it’s to burn the golds. that’s the point, u could play smart and not use any potions and just enjoy the free golds instead. or u can just go all out with t5 of every buff possible

If you are going to do this make downed players drop azoth and delete brute.

they do drop it if there carrying it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if they are carrying it, it just mean they are farming PVE to get high in the leadboard to be able to spawn broken corrupted diablos playing bowling with giant red spicy meatball on to the 10m² laggy objective point.

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