OPR Serious question. AGS answer please

OPR you must make 1000 points to win the game.

How you make those points?
-Getting and holding the Outposts.

How you don’t make those points?

  • Killing mobs
  • Killing players
  • skinning wolfs
  • getting azoth
  • cutting tree
  • Healing players

So please somebody explain to me.

Why the only way to win the game it is the way you don’t get any points in the scoreboard?

Serious please somebody help me.

Please Devs, AGS team I’m trying to understand…

I seeing players leaving the outpost and running after enemies outside because nobody get any point in the scoreboard for it. And players just don’t care about win or lose the OPR they just wana be at the top of the scoreboard.

AGS give us a Deathmatch and the OPR and make the scoreboard reflect the objectives of the game please.


AGS, please.

Thanks for the feedback on how scoring works in Outpost Rush! Teams accrue points two ways; holding outposts and killing other players. But as an individual, you gain points by doing a wide variety of activities throughout the match. We aren’t quite satisfied with how individual scoring works right now so we are investigating changes that would modify those calculations to better reward players for damaging other players and enemies, much like how healing your teammates works today. These changes should allow you to hop right into the action without having to worry about hitting the contribution threshold as that will happen a lot more naturally.


My problem on top of what you stayed is that it takes entirely too long to cap a point. It should cap faster if you have more bodies on the point.


Yalls first and most obvious fix should be the kill reward. The person who deals the most damage should always get the kill regardless of who got the tap on the downed player. Your completely taking the work and effort each player puts into downing someone and throwing it in the trash. It has done nothing but create an environment of people hunting skulls and not hunting people. How did y’all possibly intend for this idea to play out? It makes zero sense and shouldn’t take more then 2 brain cells to figure out.


I’d like players to play as naturally as possible without having to worry about getting the killing blow. With the scoring changes I suggested above, if you dealt the most damage to the enemy then you’ll get score representative of that contribution to the kill. Hopefully that would solve the existing pain point and encourage players to focus less on killing blows and more on killing the enemy team!


Its simple PVE is rulling this game … Look at the farm fest they are getting us to do … like farm that dungeon 1 time to get this farm this one farm those portals those chest … farm ressources …

You enter a pvp content …

farm 40-50 mobs get demon and GG you win the game for ur team almost everytime and you killed no one … that how it works … PVE to rulled them all


The single most important thing a player can do is stand on flag. All else is secondary. If a team flips no flags, the team receives 0 points yet the player who sacrifices time, money and fun receives no scoreboard points. Its a never ending sea of beginner design choices.


Thank you so much for your answer, I really appreciate that. And I’m glad that you guys are looking towards that.

But as Gray said above, please ask to the devs think about to receive points for stand in the point and capture the outpost. Because we can see most of the times in Moon or Astra if the fight it is not concentrated there, most of the players don’t care about this outposts, don’t hold them don’t protect them, EVEN DON’T CAPTURE THEM, because you don’t get any point for that and they just run after the enemies in the map.

I mean players are just playing a Deathmatch instead a Outpost game.


Why not reward points for capturing points, i.e. doing what you need to actually win?


By this statement I certainly hope that mean you will award the kill to the player who dealt the highest damage. If your suggesting not awarding the kill to the player who dealt the most damage but instead awarding them points for damage then I promise you players will not be happy with it. Yes it will still be a step in the right direction but there’s a lot of competitive players on the game similar to myself, we like to know when we’re doing well and when we’re not doing well, this is most commonly expressed by kill/death ratios. You have to remember some of the most popular fps streamers in the world endorsed this game, so we naturally followed. And there are significantly more of us then you think, easily half of the game population. You want this game to be successful, bring back the competitive spirit by doing that one simple change that I suggested in my last comment.

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Player kills are much more impactful then you think, I’ve played with teams that never held more then one point during the game and won by 500 points.

Exaggerate much? Lmao.

And you already get score for kills. The vast majority of OPRs are decided by point ownership, but you don’t get score for capturing points. It’s really odd that you would push back against asking for both ways to win to be acknowledged with score.


The only thing he’s exaggerating is the amount of kills required to get a brute. It only takes 20 simple kills to earn a brute and less if you get a couple 50 azoth kills. This takes less then 3 minutes to do and shouldn’t be anything less then 10 minutes if their gonna keep them as powerful as they are

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Takes a minute to kill one.

I’m not asking for the point captures to continue not having their work credit given to them. All I’m asking for is one obvious change being the kill reward given to the player who dealt the most damage. The point captures should also be awarded, this seems fairly obvious as well

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Yeah it takes a minute, if you can organize a group of 10+ men and hope that the enemy team doesn’t Zerg you in the process. But then guess what, even if all the stars aligned and you take down the brute, they’ve already got a replacement brute to take its place. No one wants to stop them because there’s no fun in that, your team loses your assistance and you lose the opportunity to enjoy the game because you just end chasing one player the whole match

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Doesn’t take 10+ people to kill a brute fast. Lets be realistic here. The only problem that really needs fixed is their ability to reset health when someone screws up and pulls them away.

It’s okay if the mode requires communication also. It’s not hard I see it all the time. Baroness 30 seconds! Just kill the brute!!

yeah please do that, because right now outpost rush is basically last hit rush. I don’t even bother dealing dmg anymore since everyone takes your last hit.

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