Opr solution it s possible?

The big concern for servers that no longer have a population is, for our part, the OPRs. Would it be possible to put the OPRs in inter-server?
What we miss in this game is PvP. Many have left because the content is not deep enough.
As Caesar said:
Give the people bread and games! They will not revolt anymore.

Well, for the current players, AGS should give them arenas with rankings for PvP, and why not for PvE? You’ll see their egos flattered and people will be there.

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Agree. The last patch really invigorated OPR on our server. the problem is we have one of the lowest population such that we can only do it during peak hours and even then it is not a guarantee and without us spamming “come and join OPR 10/32” etc. lolz. Cross Server OPR is really a must even if the population of the game is healthy.

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But not reponse…many player doesn’t like pvp at game.

Use your transfer token to a populated server, AGS is still learning how to properly merge servers 6 months into launch.

come to maramma when they unlock it

If I had to guess they cannot do it or not do it easily. That’s why they should merge all servers. Every server has at least 1000 player online during prime time.

With that said, it’s probably better to transfer instead of waiting for a fix. The game is a lot better on a populated server.

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