OPR system needs a change FAST!

OPR system is so problematic we need better matching and i think this mode needs a interrealm matchmaking. I’d rather play with high ping, good teammates and enemies instead of playing with some brain damaged nutbags i won’t stop insulting them until this problem is resolved. Because they’re pissing me off with their wrong infos and huge misleads. You need to solves this issue. At the moment OPR is the only thing that makes wanna log in and its getting more and more annoying with bots who afks all game long and farms gold, idiots who don’t know what to do or farmers who farms materials for 30 minutes straight.

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A large number of bots enter opr farming because they can earn gold coins

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Yeah there’s a bunch of bots that do opr and then keep transferring servers to keep it going until they cap their gold. Then they sell the gold on those Gold for irl cash sites.

A player suggested a couple days ago that people not be allowed to earn gold from opr or people are not allowed to transfer servers with more than x amount of gold in an effort to combat this exploit.

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Honestly, for me, I spam OPR all day and i bind the brutes more annoying then bots. The bots are hilarious sometimes, building outposts to level 3 on everything. It makes me giggle.

Occasionally i see them running marathons around the map, training for the olympics.

Real talk tho, brutes are really triggering, and this whole “league of legends” style pvp map is nonsense.

Least you have bots, my server is so low pop now since after server transfer everyone went from our medium pop to large pop making our medium pop turn to small pop that we can’t even get a game in except maybe like 2 OPRs on Saturday during prime time hours.

It’s so real I have even pleaded with other players just to sign up and decline to just start the game, which has had a success rate of 0

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You’re absolutely right imo they need to remove all pve content from OPR so we can express our pvp skills to win it. Sorry if i’m being an egotistical a’hole but i think if we have a proper matchmaking and no pve content in OPR i can achieve over 80% win rate easily.

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