OPR team balance PLEASE!

AGS. I’m so tired of joining OPR matches with the enemy team having 3-4 healers and mine having 0. It’s getting old.

Could you please introduce a role window when someone joins the opr queue like the one you have for the dungeon group finder so that the teams can be evenly matched?




the root of all pvp unbalance is the lifestaff.

no other wep needs to be evenly split to make the pvp game balanced.
15 all other wep +5lifestaff vs 19 all other wep +1 lifestaff is a 99% win OPR game.

thats a direcft proof of healing been broken.

now lets imagine a super broken expolit of musket that can oneshot any1 from 100 m away.
if the musket is evenly split between the teams, will the game be balanced?
yes, it is balanced, as both team have same # of broken shet.

now imagine 15 all other wep +5 oneshot musekt vs 19 all other wep +1 oneshot musekt
guess which team gona steam roll the others?
just same as 15 all other wep +5lifestaff would do to the 19 all other wep +1 lifestaff team

fix the broken lifestaff healing, game will be 10x more balanced.

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this is definetly true. there should be class banning and lobby system like dungeons

So what you are saying is you want a lobby game. Not an MMORPG